Random Windows 10 pro crashes after upgrade from Windows 7

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    Random Windows 10 pro crashes after upgrade from Windows 7

    I realize there are thousands of these type of postings, and just as many pieces of advice to choose from. My systems is NOT BSOD'ing, just completely instantly going all the way down to a powered-down-like state, then booting up. This happens mostly when I'm playing Fallout 4.

    Prior to finally giving in to the Windows 10 update, Windows 7 pro was rock solid and I didn't want to give it up. I know it was getting old for an O/S, but was pretty much flawless to the end. Unfortunately, I purchased a new gaming headset last Christmas, and it really did BSOD my system the second I plugged in the USB connection. Now, 7 months later, I purchased a completely different manufacturer gaming headset, and it BSOD'd again. I figured the native Win7 drivers were now officially too old for modern equipment. After upgrading to 10 Pro, the headset worked right away (pretty much proving my point about old drivers).

    Since this upgrade is on top of my original Win7 pro (64-bit), I'm thinking some old driver or registry info is conflicting with the new O/S. I know there are a lot of people who get a kick out of solving these kind of problems, so I can provide any log(s) you want to thumb through for the cause.

    My daughter's PC is doing the exact thing, and was originally Win7 Pro (64-bit), and was upgraded to Win10....but that can be a separate thread.

    Just let me know what you need to help out.

    BTW, I adjusted a bunch of power options to help out based on other peoples problems/solutions. Not sure if this totally fixed it yet since I just did it, but I though it wouldn't hurt to dig deeper into system diagnostics.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ran this application and let us know what is causing crashes..

    Also go in Reliability monitor and check for causes ...
    Best way do a clean install of windows 10
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    My systems is NOT BSOD'ing, just completely instantly going all the way down to a powered-down-like state, then booting up
    Since you are not BSOD'ing, the program WhoCrashed, may not help you since you are not really crashing.

    If your computer shuts down while playing a game, it is most likely overheating, or the Power Supply Unit is failing. Open the side panel and clean out all dust and Blow out the fans with a can of compressed air. Start the computer and press F2 and Boot into Setup (Bios) go to PC Health or some such. Check the temperatures, and the voltages from the PSU. Start the computer and make sure all fans are spinning. Look at the label of the PSU and report the make, model# and wattage.
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    Cool advise all! I try to air-can my rig a few times a year to avoid additional heat buildup. It's probably about that time again. The only reason why I'm thinking this is something else is because my PC was rock-freakin' solid under Win7 pro (with exception of an occasional freakout with a modern piece of hardware). Now it barely lasts past an hour or 2 before doing the crash/boot. None of this happened prior to the Win10 upgrade. My gut says because this wasn't a bare-metal install with Win10, some Win7 leftovers are conflicting with Win10. It's just hard for me to prove it. If I have to load Win10 from scratch, so be it. I would just rather take a minute to fix the problem.
    Again, thanks for chiming in!
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