I got a wierd issue when i try to delete anyfile, folder or program that is installed on my windows 10 pc.

When i try to delete a text document from my desktop:
1: I mark the document i want to delete and press "DEL". This will make my pc freeze for about 2 seconds before it flickers black and then back again. File is not deleted and there is no error.
2: I mark the document and i use the right click dropdown menu to use the delete option from there. Same thing will happen.
3: Tryed using CMD to delete the folder by doing " del C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures" in CMD. CMD will tell me that he dident find the files.
4: Tryed Changing promission in every single file i tryed deleting. This dident do anything.
5: downloaded a 3rd party software called Unlucker to see if it could help me out. When trying to delete anything with it it crashes.

Im empty... No clue what is going on and files are all over the place.
Hope someone here has the answare to my issue.

Kristoffer "cadias"