I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3521 laptop. Recently, this machine has been acting strangely. So much so that I have rebuilt the OS (sanitized the disk and performed a clean Windows 10 install) several times in the last week. However, it always reverts back to its previous behavior.

The most repeatable aspect of strangeness is the touch screen will suddenly stop working after switching users, wake from sleep, restart, or power on from shutdown. Then sometimes after being powered off for an extended time, the touch screen will start working again; completely unpredictable.

In Device Manager, I observe that the entire Human Interface Devices category is missing when the touch screen is not working. There are several other drivers in the category, not just the touch screen; the entire category just disappears. I cannot discern any pattern of events which precipitates this behavior; it just happens without warning.

I've searched extensively but am unable to find reports of similar behavior. Any suggestions?