There Seems to be a severe lack of support for No Execute memory based problems in most motherboards.
In fact it would seem (call me crazy) that this is an intentional problem considering the lack of support for NX based problems such as false NX negatives in the windows 10 installs when windows 8 upgrade assistant proclaims that you are ready to go NX is supported but the windows 10 installs have had this error for far enough time to be fixed by The Windows team.

I would almost go as far as to believe that this problem will not be looked into until windows 10 is no longer free considering the first thing I see is Buy a new computer. Yes I have Windows 10 on this machine In fact this is the second time I have had to reinstall it This machine has NX supported and I am fairly adept at servicing machines But there are people who are not and this seems unfair to people who are living paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford a brand new machine or a 170$ mother board.

It tears out my heart (and hair) to have my friends and family looking at me with a glimmer of hope for a favor for me to nearly suffer a computer based mental illness just to disappoint them.

Printer companies use a similar strategy to keep the sales of printers going. The ink runs out good luck refilling it good luck replacing it because they have already made a slightly newer printer that takes a different cartridge and what do you know no one sells those cartridges any more.

On behalf of financially drained techies still with a glimmer of faith for Microsoft (Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice) Fix It! Fix It Now!!!