I have a Dell laptop with windows 10 installed. Since last 7-8 days I am facing very strange issues.I remember there was an update but am not sure that update is the culprit. Issues are as following:

1. When I start the computer, my touchpad pointer is nowhere to be seen. I move finger on touchpad but of no avail. So I then logout(ctrl+alt+delete),press cancel button...only then I can see the pointer.

2. On severl programs, menu items getting selected by themselves, hence showing drop down menu table.
For eg,in Chrome ,wrench icon on right extreme is getting selected by itself without me doing so, and so drop down menu appears...and sometimes wrench icon is flickering vigorously.
InAndroid Studio IDE, File menu on extreme left also getting selected by itself without any action fromme, and hence drop down menu showing up.

I have ran several anti-virus scans, with no virus detected. I have also reinstalled Chrome. But I still face issues.

What can be the cause for this?