Hi all hope you can help so on June 12 2016 I was on TeamViewer helping my father with a Skype problem, no mic sound and wanted to try the realtek sound program. Well it was used by a different program and would not let me close the program until I turn off the program Realtek was using. So I decided to reboot and try another route. With the reboot I saw a Windows 1511 update so I let that update. After the reboot of update got into windows and......

A security shield was on the taskbar blinking and I could not use the start button (classic shell btw) and could not even right click on the blinking security shield.

Well got into task manager and saw it was, Consent UI for Administrative. Now I could end process on the Consent.exe file but at reboot the same security shield is blinking at task bar.

So....................how to fix this, I saw a clean boot fix or an admin to lower the UAC but it's set to the middle setting like my computer so everything looks normal. What am i missing here? Do I need to create a new user name and remove the old? I don't know what the Consent UI for Administrative is at task bar and startup maybe the update?

Any help would be great, thanks.