I had an unexpected and frightening error with file explorer in Windows 10 Pro.

I have a Western Digital My Book Duo for saving backups and found it was formatted Raid 0 instead of mirroring. I started the process to convert it to mirroring, but first had to backup the prior backup data as changing to mirroring will format the drive.

I plugged in a 1TB Passport to use for backup. I created a folder to copy all the Duo files and did a file explorer copy. I got a bunch of copy messages about folder names and files names too long to backup. I decided I needed to delete the copies on the Passport, and then copy each folder from the Duo to the Passport. This way I could determine what files/folders were giving me the problem.

I selected all the folders in my copy folder and requested delete. File explorer seemed to get confused and locked up for a wile. When it started responding, I got and error about the recycle bin and was asked if I wanted to just delete the folders. I replied yes and it seemed to work. I then copied the WD drive applications from the Duo to the Passport.

When I started to copy the backup files it got scary. I looked at file explorer and now my Duo D drive appeared as a Passport drive, as did my original Passport F drive. I looked at each using file explorer and they were almost identical. It was as if file explorer had copied the file directory from the Passport to the Duo.

I unplugged both drives and did a restart, just is case file explorer was confused. After the restart I plugged both drives back into their USB ports and file explorer still showed both as Passport drives.

Realizing I had lost all my backup data, I reformatted my Duo to mirror and copied the WD apps back to it, then created a new backup on the Duo and backed up my system.

I lost a couple of point in time backups which I probably won't need, but now I am worried about file explorer.
I am thinking of going through a system rebuild. I have my 10 Pro system current though Windows Update.
I am curious if anyone else has had a similar experience with file explorer?