Windows 10: General Power options question on a Dell E6440 running Win10 Pro

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    General Power options question on a Dell E6440 running Win10 Pro

    I have a Dell Notebook E6440 running Win10 Pro and under the Power Button options next to the When I Press The Power Button, I have it set to Do Nothing. (See image)

    Now of course, when I pressed the power button, my system did not shut down.

    My question is, if I HOLD DOWN the Power button for a few seconds, will my notebook still shutdown?

    I can test this out now, but I do not want to, because that would be my last resort or option whenever my system is frozen. And also, I don't want to risk damaging the hard drive or some of the system files...

    So for now, I just want to ask this.

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    No, it won't shutdown, if you hold it long enough the power will shut off. Vastly different effect.

    Why are you not selecting shut down from the Power option in the start menu in the first place after setting this to do nothing?

    Windows button > power > shut down. This is how you normally shut down windows. Having it happen by pressing the power button is a typical shortcut.
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    I know, I am always using the Shut Down option within Windows, always.

    First, I set to Do Nothing because I don't want me or someone else to accidently press the power button and loose all my unsaved docs.

    Secondly, I want to enable to shutdown my system using the power button in case my system is locked up or frozen as a LAST RESORT.

    So even I have this setting to Do Nothing, will it still shutdown if I hold down the power button for a few seconds?
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    You're missing my point:

    One, Pressing and holding the power button until the computer shuts off is NOT a shutdown. It will shut off, upon next boot you may or may not get the system requesting to do a chkdsk (dirty shutdown bit flagged on the drive) is most common. You're mileage may vary.

    As far as using it as a last resort, that is exactly what pressing and holding it is, a last resort.

    Two, if you have doc's and apps open and accidentally hit the power button to begin a shutdown, in most cases you'll get a message about apps needing to close and the ability to cancel it. It is not instantaneous.
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    Ok, so even though I have set the power button to Do Nothing, it will still shut off when holding the power button for a few seconds until the machine shuts off whenever I encounter a system lock-up?

    Of course, in normal situations I always use the shutdown from the Start Menu
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    You're still not getting what RWone is saying.

    A shutdown is a controlled closing of the operating system under control of Windows. Everything is put back in the correct place on the HDD, drivers are unloaded and so on.

    Holding the power button down does not do the above. Think of it as 'pulling the plug out' while it is still all powered up.

    If you are having to do forced shutdowns with W10 then you need to seriously look into the cause and to try and find a reason why it is doing what its doing.
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    Now I get it.

    I have no issues but in case my machine freezes up and nothing is responsive, then my last resort is to shut off the system by using the power button.

    My machine is running fine, but if in case it freezes on me and nothing can be done then the power button shut off would be a final option.
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