Windows 10: Documents Location Changed But Property Location Is Correct - ??? Solved

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  1.    30 Jun 2016 #11

    The regular videos folder was probably created by my Adobe PhotoShop/Premiere Elements software.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    E:\Gary\Videos is visible only in File Explorer:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for sticking with this. I really appreciate it.
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       30 Jun 2016 #12

    I can't figure out why E:\Gary can't be seen in File Explorer.

    Sooooo .... let's try to get the special User folders back to normal

    These are ok per the location tab you posted
    Music C:\Users\Gary\Music
    Pictures C:\Users\Gary\Pictures
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Documents: E:\Videos\Documents location points to E:\Gary\Documents
    Videos: E:\Videos location points to E:\Videos (Could you confirm that with the properties> location tab)

    Try this in this order

    On E:\Videos\Documents
    Select properties > location tab
    Press the [ Restore Default ] button
    Yes to move files if prompted

    On E:\Videos
    Select properties > location tab
    Press the [ Restore Default ] button
    Yes to move files if prompted

    That should put the two user folders back on C:\Users\Gary - please confirm the locations after restoring the default

    If everything looks good, then all that is left is to figure out why E:\Gary isn't visible in File Explorer
    Then put the folders where you want them. I might suggest a different structure if this becomes a sticky mess

    Something like E:\Usr\Gary\Userfolders - but see if the above resolves the issue.

    It's very possible that E:\Gary is really E:\Videos and is masked by the slight of hand Windows does with the special folders.
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  3.    01 Jul 2016 #13

    Sorry for the delay. I didn't get a notification that you posted. Anyway, all sounds good but one of the folder locations you asked me to confirm is incorrect: Videos location property is E:\Gary.
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  4.    01 Jul 2016 #14

    Well, I plowed ahead. Had some scary moments. The first move of Documents ran into a filename that was too long to process. I chose "Skip" and shortly thereafter got "Action cancelled by user - cannot move folder" or something to that effect. When I checked C:\Users\Gary, there was a Documents folder, but no Location tab in the properties. And the E:\Videos\Documents folder was still there. So I found the offending file with the too long filename, changed it. Then I went into C:\Users\Gary and renamed the Documents file to "Delete" and repeated the Restore to Default. A bit into the process I got a weird message saying "Destination folder contains 5600 files with the same name". Skip didn't seem like a good idea based on the previous attempt and no way for "Let me decided for each file". So I selected the only other choice: Replace. This time the process completed without any other messages or errors. But I nearly freaked when I went to C:\Users\Gary and DID NOT SEE DOCUMENTS!. Turns out, it was there - it's the folder I renamed "Delete". So I renamed it "Documents". The restore of Videos was uneventful (good). So in spite of the bumps, it appears the process was successful. As for E:\Gary, it's gone! Weird! But the good thing is that it's gone from the CMD DIR as well! So it looks like you were right about Windows' "slight of hand".

    Click image for larger version. 

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  5. Slartybart's Avatar
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       01 Jul 2016 #15

    Gla4g said: View Post
    Sorry for the delay. I didn't get a notification that you posted. Anyway, all sounds good but one of the folder locations you asked me to confirm is incorrect: Videos location property is E:\Gary.

    Well, you did an excellent job given all the snafus thrown at you (filename too big, replace files... but especially the renamed folder being Documents). It really isn't that tricky - the desktop.ini file in the folder has a definition for what the folder is. The folder name could be gobbledeegook and the resource definition would show it as Documents.

    That's why the folder E:\Gary showed in Explorer as E:\Videos ... in command prompt, it doesn't rely on the resource definition, so you see E:\Gary. Threw me off for a while and I know how it works

    So where are you now? All of your special folders on C:\Users\Gary (Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos)

    Please confirm each folder's location property, then one you're sure things are normalized you can move them to E:

    To make this really easy

    As you confirm the existing location, just change the drive letter form C: to E:

    I chose Videos because it didn't balk when you moved it back before

    In the location field:


    change the drive letter


    Press the Ok button,
    answer yes to move files
    answer yes to replace if prompted.
    Close the folder properties window.

    Check E:\Users\Gary for the Videos folder - should have the videos icon too

    Is there joy in Muddville?

    Yes, the new location is E:\Users\Gary - it's just easier to change the drive letter than to change the directory tree for each folder.

    Let me know how that works.
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  6.    01 Jul 2016 #16

    Well, I jumped ahead of you a bit. I DID confirm all the locations for the user folders were correct in C:\Users\Gary. But it seemed pretty straight forward to move them back to E:. So I created a new Gary folder and moved Videos. Are you ready? The Gary folder disappeared and the Videos folder was created in the root of E:. So I figured a Gary folder in that location was cursed and created one with a different name and tried that. Same thing. So what I'm doing now is putting all the user folders back in default and moving the files to folders on E:. I can live with that. At least there's no apparent system problem.
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  7. Slartybart's Avatar
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       01 Jul 2016 #17

    So, you are able to recreate the original problem

    I'm curious now.
    Do the folders on E:\ have the special folder icons for docs, music, pics, and vids?
    Are there the special folders under C:\Gary

    Which ones (E: or C: ) have location tabs on properties?

    What I believe happened is that you expected the location move to place Videos under E:\Gary
    What actually happened is the location move put Videos on top of E:\Gary and magically changed the name as File Explorer saw it.

    Let me know and we can figure out the best way to amke it work. I think you might still have C:\User\Gary folders, if not now perhaps after logging out or restating the machine. that will really confuse you
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  8.    02 Jul 2016 #18

    All the user folders are back in their default. I moved all the files out of them to folders under E:\Gary. The only downside to this config (and what I tried to "fix" and got all mucked up) is that those folders show under "This PC" and there's nothing in them. But I'll get used to ignoring them. I found a "tutorial" that says you can change the environment variable during installation of the OS. I may try that next time I do a clean re-install. But for now, I'm OK with the current status. Unless you object, I'm ready to mark this "Solved".
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       02 Jul 2016 #19

    It's your thread, you'll get no objection from me

    If you want to try again sometime, try changing just the drive letter and pressing OK, then exit the property dialog.
    There's really no need to change an environment variable at install.

    There is a method of changing the entire User folder location during the install


    another for changing the User folder after an install.

    You might want to look at Libraries as an option - I also use Libraries

    Library - Include Folder in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    Set your default save location in each Library to the corresponding folder on E:

    But those are reading material - go ahead an mark this solved

    Thanks, it was my pleasure working with you.

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  10.    03 Jul 2016 #20

    Thanks for everything Slartybart!
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