Should i upgrade to 10?

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       30 Jun 2016 #11

    gradeabra said: View Post
    So should i get it now? I am actually fine with 7 honestly.
    I may say that you upgrade to 10, give it a few days. If you like, you stay. If you dont like, restore the windows 7 image (which you should make before upgrading) back.

    Once you upgraded to 10 within 29th July, you can install 10 again on the same motherboard anytime in future, for free.

    If it is not upgraded within 29th July, any further update will involve the price of retail windows 10.

    Now you know what you can do. Decide yourself. You are the one who is to decide it.
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  2.    30 Jun 2016 #12

    gradeabra said: View Post
    So should i get it now? I am actually fine with 7 honestly.
    Yes, you should, at least to ensure like someone said in previous post: This way, you get the free digital entitlement, so even if you choose to run Windows 10 after the 7/29 deadline, it still won't cost you anything.
    After upgrade you can revert back to Windows 7 in 30 days, but if you decide in some future time to install W10 you can do it.
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  3.    30 Jun 2016 #13

    Is 10 better than 7 actually?
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  4.    30 Jun 2016 #14

    Try it, it not hurts :) In my opinion it is better.
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       30 Jun 2016 #15

    gradeabra said: View Post
    Is 10 better than 7 actually?
    I think it is better. That is why I am using it. I know a good lot of people who think the same.

    At the same time, I also know a good lot of another people who think it is not.

    Both the groups are having ample knowledge and experience about computing.

    It does not matter what the others think. Your decision should be based on what you think.
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  6.    30 Jun 2016 #16

    Will all the window setting retain when i upgrade from 7 to 10.

    And just to confirm can i still revert back to 7 if i am not comfortable with 10 anytime i want?
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  7.    30 Jun 2016 #17

    Yes you can - there will be an option to do this in Settings after upgrade - you can do it in 30 days after upgrade and if you did not delete old windows files.
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  8.    30 Jun 2016 #18

    What is old window files? When i upgrade all files and programme will retain like before correct. If thats the case is there anything else i should take note?
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  9.    30 Jun 2016 #19

    Suggest you upgrade to Windows 10. Free upgrade to Win10 ends 29 July 2016. If you're adamant that you don't want to upgrade, you can stay on Windows 7 forever.
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       30 Jun 2016 #20

    Windows 10 is a bit different to Windows 7 - I wouldn't say either is better. They are both good. I find Windows 10 a bit zippier. Here's my thoughts on it, if you're wary about it. I tried an upgrade on a Windows 7 machine and wasn't too keen because a few things didn't work completely (this sometimes happens with an upgrade because although it keeps all your files and programs in tact it also keeps all kinds of gunk and rubbish on your computer that you may not know you have and that can interfere with Windows 10). After you do an upgrade you can opt to roll back to Windows 7 in the first 30 days and you end up back where you started. Except that Windows 10 is activated on the Motherboard of your machine, using the same product key that you have for Windows 7. So in the future you can run and activate either Windows 7 or Windows 10 on that machine without having to do anything (but you can't have both on at the same time).

    The issue I find is - it's hard to tell how good Windows 10 is when you do an upgrade, because it doesn't always perform as well unless you do a clean install. But you need to do an upgrade first, to activate, to be able to do a clean install that will activate.

    So the options are:

    1) Stay as you are and miss out on a free upgrade to Windows 10.
    2) Do the Windows 10 upgrade and try it out for a week or two (yes backing up is essential and should be done regularly anyway). You've already got some problems in Windows 7 that need sorting, so Windows 10 won't fix them it will just install on top of them and to be able to do the upgrade you need to have all Windows 7 updates up to date first anyway. But the upgrade will activate your free licence to use Windows 10.
    3) You can then either opt to go back to Windows 7 (this option shows in one of the menus on Windows 10) - it uninstalls windows 10 and reinstalls what you had before you upgraded. Or

    4) You can then burn an ISO of Windows 10 to a dvd or usb from the Microsoft website and do a clean install of Windows 10 which will give you a new clean system. There are very few windows updates to do after install and it's all quite quick. The install took about 15 minutes for me. Then an hour or so while all the driver installed and I did the Windows updates. Then tweaking and playing around with settings. You can try it for a week or so - install your backed up files and programs you had before.

    5) Next option is - keep it. Or reinstall Windows 7 from the System image you were advised to do - which puts you back to where you are now.

    If you're not ready to try out Windows 10 as a new operating system, then just do the upgrade to activate, and burn the ISO. Then at some point in the future you can do a clean install and change over and it's activated (because it's activated on your machine already after the upgrade). Then you can keep running Windows 7 as long as you want but have the option to run Windows 10 at no extra cost.

    Something can go wrong with computers at any time - if it's while you're on Windows 7 you can try system restore to go back to an earlier point in time. But after an upgrade to Windows 10 that isn't an option so you need a) a system image done first and b) all your personal files saved/backed up and a list of all your programs and product keys for them. It's a good idea to have these anyway.

    Personally I would try and fix the Windows 7 issue before trying the upgrade. If a restart doesn't work, try doing system restore (it could be something you installed that made things go wrong). Personally I would reinstall Windows 7 from a system image made earlier where your system is good and do all the updates and then upgrade to Windows 10.

    If you don't have a system image already, then make manufacturer recovery disks in case you can't fix Windows 7 or the upgrade makes things worse on top of the current issues. That way, after the upgrade to Windows 10 you can either clean install Windows 10 or restore Windows 7 to factory settings. Either way you need backups of all personal files and a list of programs and product keys and ideally a good system image you can fall back on. These are things you need in case your computer ever just dies as well, so you can restore to a new hard drive.
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