When Windows 10 puts my laptop to sleep my bluetooth is not coming back on when it wakes up. I have to shut down and reboot the computer completely to get bluetooth to turn on again. I have tried changing the power mangement settings for the two drivers under "network adapters" in the device manager so that it does not shut them off to save power but that had no effect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

On a side note, my factory overclocking feature on this computer (Alienware 17M R3) also turns off during sleep and does not come back on and I do not have this problem with my 15M R2 which does NOT have the overclock feature in the BIOS... so could this be a BIOS issue or just a Windows 10 issue (I guess regardless it is a Windows 10 issue, by default)? My 15 inch laptop has Windows HOME installed and PC with the problem has Windows Pro, however... Here is another thread which talks about this issue:


In the thread they end it with telling the guy to reinstall Windows (which doesn't work, the problem persists).

Edit: Just wanted to note that the actual bluetooth drivers disappear from the device manager after waking from sleep. The two drivers that say "bluetooth" in their name do not have any "power management" option/tab in their properties either.