Windows 10 post install tips or bugs

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    Windows 10 post install tips or bugs


    Now I'm here after being a member of Seven Forums. I followed your posted install instructions yesterday and it looks like my Windows 10 update install is ok. Privacy being a big issue for me, I denied (selected Off) for everything it offered. Win 10 seems to be promoting their new apps (now the new-normal term for programs/software, not just smartphones). After the install was completed, I went first thing to check Settings and some of what I selected to be Off were actually still On. The there were many more apps and features yet to turn Off, which I did. MS is pretty sneaky but at last they do give the option to turn them Off including their personal tracking hogs, Cortana and Feedback-Diagnostics.

    I figured out how to clean out most of the new look of Win10 on my desktop, just by deleting the apps. It now looks pretty much like it was in Win 7, with my icons where I want them. However, I can't move them into place as they seemed locked. How do I move icons around?

    Also, above the Start button used to be a list of Start Menu programs I often used in Windows 7. Now there are only about 4 listed. I don't see how the add more into the list. How is that done?

    My list of all programs shows some are now designated as "Unsupported". I assume that means they won't work in Win 10. Correct? If so, Is it save to uninstall them?

    Thank you.
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    My list of all programs shows some are now designated as "Unsupported". I assume that means they won't work in Win 10. Correct? If so, Is it save to uninstall them?
    You may want to seek a second opinion and go to the source(s) of the software to see if there are updated windows 10-compatibles available.
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    You should install Classic Shell (free) or Start10 ($4.99), then you have a Windows 7 like start menu again.

    The only way to know if a program will work under Windows 10 is to try it. You may be able to get it to work okay by using Compatibility settings.
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    Ztruker gave you some good advice. I may not be understanding you correctly. However, here are 3 Tutorials that may help you.
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    Unsupported just means that Microsoft has not signed off on the software. If you went through each menu and sub menu in Settings and ticked off everything that could phone home any type of Metrics, you should hopefully be good.
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    Just because W10 says it's not supported/won't work doesn't mean it won't work. Two programs that come to mind are CPUID and Belarc Advisor

    Both of these programs were removed by W10 during upgrade/installation on 3 computers. I downloaded and reinstalled them, and they work just fine on W10. Please try anything that W10 says won't work first before you uninstall it.

    I've never been one to take their word for it, if I try it and it doesn't work, then ok they were right. If it does work then they were wrong and I'm using a program that shouldn't work, but does.
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    Thanks very much. I'll follow your suggestions and post the results. About the locked icons again, is that issue fixable now or will Classic Shell/Start 10 fix that?

    Another issue's come up. I have set up the elevated command prompt with its desktop icon in Win 7, so I could run checks with sfc /verifyonly and /scannow. I tried it in Win 10 and the icon works and it opened to the command prompt normally but when I entered sfc /verifyonly it didn't execute and instead I got "...must be an administrator running a console session in order to use sfc utility." This doesn't make sense since one has to be an administrator to create the elevated command prompt, as I remember it. Maybe I'm missing something. Does sfc not apply for Win 10 now? What does this mean and how is it resolved?
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    Command prompt should work as admin fine. How did you set it to run as admin?
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    BretMan said:
    My list of all programs shows some are now designated as "Unsupported". I assume that means they won't work in Win 10. Correct? If so, Is it save to uninstall them?
    I'm curious - where are the pgms designated as Unsupported
    Screen shot would help

    Most vendors have updated their software. Check the vendor site for updates and then uninstall / reinstall.

    To be honest, the best Win10 is a clean Win10 - that requires you to manually install your favorite programs again though - you're sure to get the updated version if you visit the vendor site (instead of using an old install disc)
    Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

    Let Windows Update get your device drivers - it does an excellent job. Though, it might take two or three check for updates to get all of them. Very few require install media, plug in the device and WU gets the driver(s)

    A Clean install cures the Upgrade hang-over - old pgms are gone, left over Registry bits are gone, user install drivers are gone, Windows.old is gone, Disk schema is standard ...... . Just plain vanilla Windows.

    Something to read, something to think about.
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    I created the elevated command prompt following the instructions from Seven Forums : How to create Elevated Command Prompt shortcut - Windows 7 Help Forums (2-9-9) I was successfully using the sfc utility that way for over a year until now.

    I saw my list of programs now at Add/Remove, to take a screenshot for you, and none state they are unsupported now for some unknown reason. During the update install it displayed a small grey pop-up regarding a couple programs that needed to be re-installed, one being Spybot S&D. Soon after that the list of all installed programs was shown and several showed they were unsupported. Now it's not showing any that way. I guess I'll find out when the time comes to use them. I did reinstall Spybot without any problems.

    I really don't want to do a clean install, although I know what you mean. I just have so many programs and settings it would set me back weeks to complete it. I remember I did a repair install in Win 7 (64) about 2 years ago to fix some corrupted files and bugs and that worked great. I had to download the OS and burn it to disc, then install via the disc. I didn't have to re-install any programs and it preserved my settings. Is the equivalent to that available for Win 10 Pro or even something to consider?

    Now another issue: Since the update install the PC has been crashing on occasion. The first day a couple times, the second day once after I walked away for a few minutes and now today a few minutes ago. I've only had a few programs running at once such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Kingsoft Office and Skype. They all seem to be working normally. Then suddenly it crashes with a Win 10 blue/grey screen stating something like "Your PC has encountered a problem and needs to restart..." and it provides a link to find out more which I didn't get in time. It then reboots ok. I remembered I had a similar problem in Win 7 a long time ago and it was fixed when I changed Automatic updates to "Download automatically then wait for me to install". Thinking this may be the problem now and it's automatically downloading and updating by itself, I found in Settings>Advanced Options>Choose how updates are installed, I only see "Automatic (Recommended)" which is how it was set and "Notify to schedule restart", which I now selected. Is this the "Download but wait for me to install" option I want?
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