Windows 10 post install tips or bugs

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    Option 2 in the tutorial you listed above is what I used to run the elevated command prompt. It works for me. I've tried it with a shortcut on the desktop, the task bar and start menu. You may want to look and make sure the 'run as Administrator' box is still checked. The command prompt should open to C:\Windows\Ststem32. As long as it is checked, you may try to delete your current shortcut and make new ones. In the search box type cmd > Right click the entry and select open file location. Right click Command Prompt and select properties > on the shortcut tab select advanced and make sure the Run as Administrator' box is checked. Click apply and OK. still in that same location, right click the command prompt entry and select the option you want, Pin to Start, Pin to taskbar or send to>desktop as shortcut. See if that works any better for you.

    Windows 10 post install tips or bugs-cmd-admin.png

    You can still do a repair install in Windows 10. Just download the ISO file from TechBench ( In Windows 10 you can right click the ISO file, select mount and click on setup and the process will begin. You don't have to burn it to CD or put it on a USB, although you can. This will show you how and includes a video.

    If you are having BSOD problems, start a thread at, give all the info about your problem and be sure to include the BSOD Posting Instructions.

    I hope this helps you a little.
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    Another issue's come up. I have set up the elevated command prompt with its desktop icon in Win 7, so I could run checks with sfc /verifyonly and /scannow. I tried it in Win 10 and the icon works and it opened to the command prompt normally but when I entered sfc /verifyonly it didn't execute and instead I got "...must be an administrator running a console session in order to use sfc utility."
    Another tip to open an Admin command prompt is to add it to the quick launch toolbar, which is available on every File Explorer Windows. When click, it always open on the current directory in the explorer while using shortcut, it always open in C:\Windows\System32.
    Windows 10 post install tips or bugs-.png

    You can also add a registry tweak to run Admin Command by creating a .reg file and merge it to the registry so it will be available on the right click context menu.
    Windows 10 post install tips or bugs-b.png

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    @="Admin Command Here"
    @="cmd.exe /s /k pushd \"%V\""
    However, you don't need to open the Admin Command Prompt to run DISM or SFC . Just create a file with .cmd or .bat extension and paste the below line. Save and set it to run as Admin, double click to run:

    dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth&sfc /scannow&pause

    which will automatically open the cmd windows then run the commands. This would save you the typing everytime you want to run.
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    Windows 7 and Windows 10

    With all the symptoms you describe I would definitely say do a clean install! It's really worth it. Windows 10 runs like a dream with a clean install and as mentioned earlier Windows finds all the drivers just about now. A laptop of ours that wasn't eligible last year had every single driver installed within 10 minutes, including one that wasn't available last year. Just one exclamation mark for an obscure piece of HP hardware to protect the hard disk against knocks and I didn't bother to install that one.

    On the couple of occasions I've done upgrades I've had all the symptoms you mention - crashes, glitches and so on (sorry that's not very technical). In my non-technical opinion there are just too many things going on with an upgrade for the new OS to work properly.

    As for the menu - if you right click on the start button there's a second menu comes up that leads directly to Control panel and a whole list of others. You can also just type anything in the search box and it comes up.

    I wrote a list of all the programs I had installed, for after the clean install - a lot of them I didn't bother to reinstall as Windows 10 already did some things. Plus I reckoned I didn't need some of them any more.

    It's a bit shift out of a comfort zone to do a clean install but it's really worth it afterwards. For example, I did the upgrade before the clean install and found the network kept switching off, half the apps didn't work or wouldn't open and various crashes. After doing the clean install it is zippy! Everything works. I also turned off all the privacy settings at the start. There aren't many others to check. And I don't think it's as bad as people make out. We got a new printer recently that connects via Wifi and suddenly HP know everything about our computer useage as well! It's mind boggling. You download the HP software and drivers and the printer just works - connected via our wifi and HP. HP even know when to send out replacement ink cartridges.

    One thing that did impress me with Windows 10 was the detailed information given when I couldn't connect the printer to our second laptop. It came up with a polite, well written notification that Windows had downloaded a basic driver for the printer but I needed to install software from HP for it to work. Clever stuff!

    I think Windows 7 and Windows 10 are very different. Both very good but like two different species. They look different. Windows 7 is kind of nice and relaxed and Windows 10 is a bit more punchy looking. But they're both good. You don't need to use the app store or Cortana (we don't). My Word 2013 works fine on it. The only two things I missed were Moviemaker and Chess Titans (both of which I now have installed )
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    BretMan said:
    I saw my list of programs now at Add/Remove, to take a screenshot for you, and none state they are unsupported now for some unknown reason.

    I did reinstall Spybot without any problems.

    I really don't want to do a clean install, although I know what you mean. I just have so many programs and settings it would set me back weeks to complete it. I remember I did a repair install in Win 7 (64) about 2 years ago to fix some corrupted files and bugs and that worked great. I had to download the OS and burn it to disc, then install via the disc. I didn't have to re-install any programs and it preserved my settings. Is the equivalent to that available for Win 10 Pro or even something to consider?

    I remembered I had a similar problem in Win 7 a long time ago and it was fixed when I changed Automatic updates to "Download automatically then wait for me to install". Thinking this may be the problem now and it's automatically downloading and updating by itself, I found in Settings>Advanced Options>Choose how updates are installed, I only see "Automatic (Recommended)" which is how it was set and "Notify to schedule restart", which I now selected. Is this the "Download but wait for me to install" option I want?
    re: Unsupported ... I hate when that happens

    re: Spybot ...There are much better AVs than Spybot - it used to be fair, but it is known to cause issues on some machines. Suggest uninstall Spybot and Reset Hosts file

    re: Clean install ... no one wants to do a Clean install But if you do it and create image backups, it makes your life much easier. You never have to clean install again - just restore an image in 30-60 minutes. But ... the initial prep does take time.
    re: Repair install - Yes... written by the guy who is one of the best at revolving BSODs. Look, he's already on the job

    When I see programs such as Spybot on a machine, I wonder What other 3rd tier software might be lurking

    Ztruker, CmmTch, essenbe, and topgun are posting - they're all top-notch.

    I'll sit on the sidelines
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    Great help! Thanks very much.

    I may be imagining things but it seems to be getting less quirky. It didn't crash at all yesterday and for two days straight it didn't shut down when I put it to sleep. It did crash once today though. Not crashing is critical for me as my work sometimes requires many windows to be open at the same time which can take me 15-20 minutes just to set up. Then I use the open windows to create something new from them. A crash at that point is more than exasperating. Win 7 had it's quirks at first but in time it became very stable.

    It may be crashing less because of my changed setting for updates, although I'm not sure if the selection is waiting for me to install a waiting download like I want it to do. It's not clear like it was in Win 7.

    I heard on NPR Marketplace yesterday an interview with a MS Win 10 engineer. He said something about that they are thinking to let Win 10 be the final version of Windows, by version name. In the future it will just be continually updated automatically. This is fine with me as long as I know beforehand about any new apps it wants to track me with and give me the option to turn them off AND if the auto updates don't make my system crash.

    I still can't move (drag) my desktop icons and some are dead which I've replaced. I discovered that you can Cut them where they are and Place them where I want them be to be and that worked ok. Also, creating a shortcut from File Manager (Win Explorer) by dragging it into my desktop didn't work. But Cut/Paste did. I can live with that.

    I stumbled upon a solution for the elevated command prompt issue. It turns out that if you R-Click the Start button the menu list already includes "Command Prompt (Administrator)". I tried it and was able to run SFC /verifyonly which resulted on "... no integrity violations". It was there all the time.

    You're probably right about Spybot. I must be keeping it for nostalgia since it was the first really good freeware over 10 years ago. Now I use both MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware for manual scans and Security Essentials always on. I could uninstall my old friend Spybot and see if stability improves.
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    Less quirky is good.

    There are a lot of things that you can do to make Win10 much more stable. Doing it piecemeal takes a lot of time, that is always your choice. On previous versions of Windows I was reluctant to initially suggest a Clean install ... but with Win10, I believe it is the best thing to do immediately after the upgrade. If a member hasn't been on Win10 too long (hasn't accumulated a lot of data), I still suggest a Clean install, just not as strongly .... unless there are many many issues.

    Windows 10 is the last Windows, in name anyway, perpetually updated that's always been the position MS has taken since they decided Win9 wasn't the name.

    Windows Update (WU): users don't have as much control over it as in previous Windows. Things are eveolving and there is a little more control.

    Command Prompt (Admin) - cool. Look at the other things you can also easily get to on the Quick Access menu (R-click start button)

    The Desktop icons is a strange one. Try adjusting some of the view settings
    R-click empty space on the desktop
    Select View
    Press the option to remove the ticks from
    auto arrange
    align to grid

    Yep, Spybot was a fair product years ago, it hasn't kept pace with more nimble vendors though. I strongly recommend uninstalling it - that alone might solve your crashes. Defender is strong enough, and Malwarebytes + SuperAntiSpyware are excellent 2nd lines of defense.

    I think I addressed things in your post ... oh -
    it's called File Explorer now-a-days File Manager + Windows Explorer = File Explorer
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    "File Explorer" you're right. One of several changed labels we have to learn. Speaking of, I had mentioned my apps listing showed "Unsupported" apps. Later I couldn't replicate the list by R-click Start>Programs and Features. I stumbled on it again now but via a different path: L-click Start>Settings>System>Apps and Features. There it lists my apps and those which are "(Unavailable)" Screenshot of partial list attached. This means they won't work and I should uninstall them?
    Windows 10 post install tips or bugs-apps-unavailable_7-2-16.jpg

    I uninstalled Spybot with Revo and so far so good. Too early to tell any difference in stability. Before the uninstall I created a restore point and found that System Protection setting did not have C: selected. It was selected before the update. Another flaw.

    I played around with the desktop and display settings to see if I could unlock my icons and nothing's working so far.

    I find the new "Lock Screen", which I think is the name for the skin that presents itself with the big digital clock before the logon screen, annoying. Just another step/click with no use to me. I went to L-click Start>Control Panel>Appearance and Pesonalization>Personalization, and don't see it there (a scene looking out onto a beach from a cave). How do I remove it from the startup sequence?
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    re: unavailable

    re: Spybot ... uninstalled
    Spyboot used to use the hosts file for some of it's protection. If you don't have nay special hosts file requirements (some home networks) then you could look at the hosts file
    Paste this string into File Explorer address bar C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
    select notepad to open it
    just restore the default hosts file
    See: How can I reset the Hosts file back to the default?
    Follow the Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 section
    re: Desktop icons
    Try creating a new shortcut on the Desktop
    Target %TEMP%
    Name: Temp (should fill it in automatically)

    Can you drag that new one around?

    re: Lock screen

    Notice a pattern? Search the tutorials section for an answer - you'll find lots, and I mean lots, of great stuff there.
    The easiest search string is short and descriptive. I searched for Lock screen and found the Enable / Disable one.
    IF you pick a tutorial that doesn't seem to be what you want, scroll down to the bottom of the first post and see if the any of the related tutorials are a better match.

    Searching the forum also helps (that's how I found an answer to the unavailable question - I wasn't sure what it meant either ), but there are a lot of threads / posts. Unlike the tutorial section, individual posts might not apply to your machine or the issue on your machine.

    re: Restore Points (RP) - it was a conscious decision on the part of MS to have the default as OFF. I don't know why, perhaps because of Win10's new file history. For me, it wasn't an issue ... I turn them off anyway since I rely on other means to repair my system (Dism & SFC & Fail-safe System image backups). The default for RP might change with the 1607 (1608) release on Aug 2

    I'm glad you hear that you made the decision to create a RP, not everyone does and then ... well ... it's more work for everyone IF something goes awry.

    I thought of something to ask you ... are you using any custom themes or 3rd party shells - that might be a casue of the Desktop icons, but it's just a guess. I'll think of some other things to try and remedy that.

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    I see what you mean about searching within the forum. No sense in repeating the same issues with the same solutions.

    I tried your %TEMP% desktop icon idea and it did create on the desktop but it behaved like the rest is now, not able to be dragged. I don't use any 3rd party themes but I do us Fences (is that a "shell") which is a very handy icon organizer. It seems to be working fine. I did discover that I now have a second desktop .ini file icon. The original one, pre- Win 10, is on the lower left hand corner of my desktop. Post Win 10 install a second one appears now on the center left side of my desktop. As I understand it, the ini file is basically the holder of the settings for the desktop and I guess that means where your icons are located on the screen/desktop. Correct? Their information seems odd though:
    The old one Location: C:\Users\MyName\Desktop, Created: 2-12-16, Modified: 6-27-16 (date of Win 10 install), Accessed: 2-12-16.
    The new one Location: C:\Users\Public\Desktop, Created: 10-30-15, Modified: 10-30-15, Accessed: 10-30-15.

    It's odd because the older one which is located where it was before the Win 10 install has the newer dates. Also, I was going to run CCleaner as part of my usual pre-backup routine and it's desktop icon is gone and is not listed in the desktop folder, but the shortcuts are still in the program folders. Before I make any changes I wanted to ask you first. Could these issues be why the icons are locked? Should I try deleting one of the ini files/icons and if so, which one?
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    Stardock Fences has been causing problem with Windows 10 recently. Several in this forum. Try uninstalling it and see if the problem is fixed.
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