Windows 10: Windows search misses really obvious results

  1.    27 Jun 2016 #1

    Windows search misses really obvious results

    Consider an example directory containing:

    If I want to find the pdf, and happen to remember that it had "numKK" in the filename, I might reasonably search "numKK" and expect to find it. In practice though, this will return 0 results. A search for *numKK will return the pdf though. Okay, so maybe there's something weird going on having a "-" in the filename, those images should be very searchable though. I remember that I liked image 209, so let me search "209". Weird, no results. But I know it was there, how about "*209"? Or "*209*"? Neither returns results. I need to search "0209" to find that image.
    This is just a quick example, but in retrospect I'm certain there are other problematic filename/search combos that seem like they should really work but don't. I only found out about both of these behaviors recently. Are there any other search query quirks I should be aware of? And why are there such basic shortcomings in the current implementation of the search feature?
    Directory was indexed in case that question arises.
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    Agent Ransack. It will find stuff on your system you didn't even know you had!
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    Fifty bucks for what should be really basic Windows functionality.... :X (yes, I see there's a lite version, but it doesn't even have indexing which is almost essential for a functional everyday search tool).
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    FatCat0 said: View Post
    Fifty bucks for what should be really basic Windows functionality.... :X (yes, I see there's a lite version, but it doesn't even have indexing which is almost essential for a functional everyday search tool).
    The free version runs circles around Windows search. I use it all the time.
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       27 Jun 2016 #5

    Windows search is powerful, but it requires some knowledge to use.

    There are niggles such as special characters that aren't well explained.

    Some members prefer Everything: Everything Search Engine
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    Like I said in my first post, I could see if a dash or some other character made it finnicky, but underscores are part and parcel of filenames. And even still, if I had to surround every search term in wild characters that would be one (silly but doable) thing, but "*209*" being insufficient to find a filename with "0209" in it is ridiculous.

    Thank you for the recommendation. I'm already playing with Agent Ransack, but I'll give Everything a shot too and see which I like better. It's just silly that I can't trust Windows search results for really, really basic searching = /
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    I use File Locator Lite, it's the same as Agent Ransack, with a different name.
    These search programs don't use the Windows index, or any index.
    They can search file contents, and much more.

    Everything uses it's own index.
    It can't search file contents.

    It depends how and what you search for, what is best for you.
    You can use both of them, if you want to.
    Each has pro's and con's.

    I also use Windows search sometimes, depending on what i'm doing and looking for.
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    Yep, not like older Windows versions

    Tried to search out something on 'Secure Boot" . Typed it in and it found nothing. (Searching C drive)
    Tried the wild card, nothing again. After reading your post, I went back and searched "Boot", knowing I'd get a million finds, and I did. Two of the finds were "SecureBoot", with no space.
    Go figure. I'm going to try the NON-Windows search tools too.
    Gotta say thanks for your help, even though you were looking for help.

    Just went back and searched "SecureBoot" and got 49 results. Persnickety little critter.
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