View Poll Results: Will you jump to W10 and what are you using now.

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  • I like the way W10 is heading and will UPGRADE my present OS.

    33 39.29%
  • I like W10 but would ONLY consider a clean install.

    32 38.10%
  • It's been fun but I will not be using W10 as my main OS in the near future.

    9 10.71%
  • W10 is my favourite OS.

    11 13.10%
  • W8.1 is my favourite.

    13 15.48%
  • W8 is my favourite.

    1 1.19%
  • W7 is my favourite.

    24 28.57%
  • Vista is my favourite.

    0 0%
  • XP is my favourite.

    1 1.19%
  • Another such as OSX or Linux.

    3 3.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. Joined : Jun 2014
    Posts : 623
    W10 pro x64 and W10 x86
       12 Apr 2015 #1

    As things stand today... where do you stand ?

    Things are moving fast with W10 at the moment. If you were asked TODAY whether you would jump to W10 what would you say ?

    There is a Poll attached to this thread. READ CAREFULLY HOW TO VOTE. You are voting twice. Vote for ONE of the first three options and then vote for ONE of the following seven choices of what you currently use.
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  2. Joined : Oct 2013
    Wolves, England
    Posts : 1,634
    W7 Pro x64 | W10 IP x64 | Linux Mint VM
       12 Apr 2015 #2

    You needed a clean install in dual boot option, that's the way I'll be going so can't really pick options one, two or three.
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  3. Joined : Nov 2013
    Posts : 804
    10 Pro Preview x64
       12 Apr 2015 #3

    I already upgraded to W10 as my main OS. All your poll choices are future tense whereas I upgraded last October and have no intention of reverting to any earlier version.
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  4. Joined : Jul 2014
    Posts : 16,465
    Windows 10
       12 Apr 2015 #4

    Cant really answer the poll as it is assuming that you only have 1 device that will use win 10

    From the latest versions I am almost certain that my laptop will be upgrade to 10, starting to like the look of it now
    My tablet however is the total opposite, currently this will be sticking with 8.1 unless big improvements are made on the touch side
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  5. Joined : Jun 2014
    Posts : 623
    W10 pro x64 and W10 x86
       12 Apr 2015 #5

    The phrase 'you can't please everybody' comes to mind Fair comment though.

    If you are already using W10 as a main OS then perhaps by inference that means you wont be going back to anything else.
    If you only have one device then there is nothing to stop you imaging your current set up.......

    It will all get very interesting, that much is for sure. For every one person that knows something about W10 there must be tens (or hundreds) of thousands using 7/8/8.1 that have no idea what is coming. How that is handled... that could be a good thread in its own right
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  6.    12 Apr 2015 #6

    Like Adam, I have decided to pursue with Windows 10 as my main OS - thus voted for upgrade.
    I dual boot with Mint - I can't answer which is my favourite OS as they each offer different pro's and con's...
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  7. Joined : Feb 2015
    Bamberg Germany
    Posts : 12,924
    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 14393 Multiprocessor Free
       12 Apr 2015 #7

    I will Upgrade both my Windows 8.1 desktop and my Windows 7 laptop
    My favorite OS to date (be it Windows or Linux) is Windows 8.1 update 1
    I will upgrade only because I'm thinking about the future, where all improvements in software and connectivity will be based on Windows 10. Plus simply out of security reasons it makes sense.
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  8. Joined : Apr 2015
    Posts : 44
    Windows 7 , 8.1 and Mint
       12 Apr 2015 #8


    I will stick to "Windows" ( whatever versions MS releases ) as possible as i can. "Windows 95" was my first OS and i fell in love with Windows after using it. If MS goes to the subscription based rout and if i ever forced to choose an OS other than Windows, i will go with Linux rather than Mac - neither i can't afford to buy Apple products nor i don't like OS X.

    Currently i dual boot both "Win 8" and Linux Mint and i have a "love - hate" relationship with both.
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  9. Joined : Jan 2014
    Oak Ridge TN, USA
    Posts : 23,937
    Windows 10 Pro x64
       12 Apr 2015 #9

    Ok.. well for me, at least,, my plan is to first get the upgrade and then to get the full ISO from NewEgg/Amazon.

    And as for my favorite OS.. well.. it's far to early to make a decision on Win10. I really like it and the direction it's going but Win8.1.1 is a hard OS to beat. Why?? It's far more mature/developed OS and it shows. Will Win10 get there?? Yes, but that's going to be much later on this year or early next year.
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  10. Joined : Jun 2014
    Posts : 623
    W10 pro x64 and W10 x86
       12 Apr 2015 #10

    We're racking up the votes... thanks all

    Fwiw I think W8.1 has turned out to be an excellent offering... it has never put a foot wrong really considering the things I use it for.

    BunnyJ said: View Post
    Ok.. well for me, at least,, my plan is to first get the upgrade and then to get the full ISO from NewEgg/Amazon.
    Does that mean that you think only an upgrade will be freely available and that a free ISO option from MS will not be available ?
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