View Poll Results: Will you jump to W10 and what are you using now.

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  • I like the way W10 is heading and will UPGRADE my present OS.

    33 39.29%
  • I like W10 but would ONLY consider a clean install.

    32 38.10%
  • It's been fun but I will not be using W10 as my main OS in the near future.

    9 10.71%
  • W10 is my favourite OS.

    11 13.10%
  • W8.1 is my favourite.

    13 15.48%
  • W8 is my favourite.

    1 1.19%
  • W7 is my favourite.

    24 28.57%
  • Vista is my favourite.

    0 0%
  • XP is my favourite.

    1 1.19%
  • Another such as OSX or Linux.

    3 3.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. Joined : Jan 2014
    Oak Ridge TN, USA
    Posts : 23,934
    Windows 10 Pro x64
       12 Apr 2015 #11

    Mooly said: View Post
    We're racking up the votes... thanks all

    Fwiw I think W8.1 has turned out to be an excellent offering... it has never put a foot wrong really considering the things I use it for.

    Does that mean that you think only an upgrade will be freely available and that a free ISO option from MS will not be available ?
    Not sure to be honest.. I recall that MS posted an upgrade path and it showed that an ISO would be available but no mention of that since some time ago. If the ISO is available for free then I'll grab that.. if not then I'll purchase the DVD with the ISO on it.
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  2. Joined : Nov 2013
    Land of 10,000 lakes
    Posts : 10,346
    W10 Pro, W10 Home
       12 Apr 2015 #12

    I'm not sure yet, whether I will upgrade either my W7 or W8.1 installations, or just buy a new license of W10. If I do choose to upgrade, then it would be over W7, as I am currently using 8.1 for my everyday OS.
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  3. Joined : Jun 2014
    Posts : 623
    W10 pro x64 and W10 x86
       12 Apr 2015 #13

    BunnyJ said: View Post
    Not sure to be honest.. I recall that MS posted an upgrade path and it showed that an ISO would be available but no mention of that since some time ago. If the ISO is available for free then I'll grab that.. if not then I'll purchase the DVD with the ISO on it.
    That's pretty much how I feel about all tbh. It would have to be a clean install for me, otherwise I would stick with W8.1 which I personally think is terrific.

    Would I buy W10 software to get a clean install. I suspect not if I'm honest and would probably hold out to see what the next developments might be.
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  4. Joined : Sep 2014
    Posts : 92
    64-bit 10240 10 Pro
       12 Apr 2015 #14

    I will probably upgrade from Windows 7, the only question is when.
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  5. Joined : Feb 2015
    Bamberg Germany
    Posts : 12,894
    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 14393 Multiprocessor Free
       12 Apr 2015 #15

    BunnyJ said: View Post
    Ok.. well for me, at least,, my plan is to first get the upgrade and then to get the full ISO from NewEgg/Amazon.

    And as for my favorite OS.. well.. it's far to early to make a decision on Win10. I really like it and the direction it's going but Win8.1.1 is a hard OS to beat. Why?? It's far more mature/developed OS and it shows. Will Win10 get there?? Yes, but that's going to be much later on this year or early next year.
    Remember when Windows 8 came out(American Microsoft Horror Story)- Screams! And then Windows 8.1- Humph! And then Windows 8.1 Update- Aaaaah! What I'm saying is, 8 had to mature also to be what it is today, a secure(safe boot root kit check), fast(uses less resources) Kick A$$ OS. Just give 10 the time and I bet it will surpass 8, or at the very least people'll get used to it(finger memory).
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  6.    12 Apr 2015 #16

    I never like upgrading inside an OS, so I'll be clean installing after formatting all my drives.
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  7. Joined : Oct 2013
    N Calif
    Posts : 658
    W10 Pro (desktop), W10 (laptop), W10 (laptop), W10Pro (tablet)
       12 Apr 2015 #17

    Win 10 is just another OS to me, I neither love it nor hate it. I probably won't use it as my main OS on any machine until I build or buy a new machine. My current machines already run perfectly viable OSes (some Win 7 and some Win 8.1) so I see no need to switch any of them to a different OS at this time.

    Win 8.1 isn't much different from Win 7 and Win 10 isn't that much different than Win 8.1 so it really doesn't matter to me which of those OSes I run, they all get the job done equally.
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  8. Joined : Aug 2014
    Australia, Adelaide
    Posts : 1,390
    W7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit), LM 18.1 MATE (64 bit), W10IP VM, W10 Home
       12 Apr 2015 #18


    I won't overwrite W7 with W10.

    If I get a new PC with W10 on it I'll keep it (as long as I can still dual boot Linux Mint).

    If I had got a PC with any of the W8 series on it, I would've imaged it, reformatted it and then installed W7.
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  9. Joined : Nov 2013
    Posts : 4,288
    Win 10 Pro x64
       12 Apr 2015 #19

    I only have 3 machines. My main Win 7 pc, Win 8.1 HTPC and Win 8.1 10" ASUS Transformer tablet. I am thinking of getting a separate license for Win 10 to run on a separate SSD on my Win 7 PC or upgrade only the 10incher.
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  10. Joined : Oct 2014
    Polk County Texas USA
    Posts : 11,665
    Windows 10 Insider Preview
       12 Apr 2015 #20

    Superfly said: View Post
    Like Adam, I have decided to pursue with Windows 10 as my main OS - thus voted for upgrade.
    I dual boot with Mint - I can't answer which is my favourite OS as they each offer different pro's and con's...
    I confused the poll completely! I voted my favorite to be Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 because I like them all equally. Who'd a thunk I'd ever like Windows 8.1 all that much.
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