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    Nothing happened, had not clean installed 14291 yet. Had to rethink the partitioning of my internal disks, had too much space for system (C:) and Users (E:) partitions, too little for Virtual Machines (D:) and Downloads (F:) partitions, thought it's a good enough reason to reinstall.

    C: and D: on primary disk, E: and F: on secondary. Could not just shrink C: and E: and extend D: and F: because the freed space had been before the partitions needing to be extended, extending would have required third party tools.
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    Finally, long overdue:

    Part 1 shows how to create a hardware independent customized Windows install image containing all your software, Part 2 shows how to capture and deploy that image. Please notice that Part 2 assumes you know how to capture and restore a system image using your preferred imaging application.

    Related tutorials:

    Note   Note
    Although in Part 1 a Hyper-V virtual machine is used to create and customize the image, and in Part 2 Macrium to capture and deploy the image, generally speaking these instructions apply to all kind of real and virtual machines and all imaging applications.

    I recommend Hyper-V and Macrium but that's just my personal choice, my way to do this.

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    WOW! Very impressive @Kari! I've only watched part 1, but it's super! Even though I have no idea about this whole concept, I completely understood it. Can't wait to watch part 2 later. :)
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    simrick said: View Post
    WOW! Very impressive @Kari! I've only watched part 1, but it's super! Even though I have no idea about this whole concept, I completely understood it. Can't wait to watch part 2 later. :)
    As far as I understand from Kari's explanations(he will correct me if I'm wrong), say you have a bunch of PCs and want the exact same software on all of them, this creates a custom "Hardware Un-independent" install image of Windows. Meaning, basically, Windows will install the correct drivers for each PC, but you programs will be installed an all machines.
    Another way of looking at it, Image clones minus drivers.
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    Cliff is basically right in that explanation.

    I've done this since Vista, I couldn't even think another method to install a new Windows version. Because the process is relatively fast, I even do it with (almost) all new Windows 10 builds (sometimes, maybe three or four times since first 9XXX builds I have just upgraded).

    Short version:
    • On your reference PC, in my case a Hyper-V vm, install Windows until it after last reboot comes to OOBE Mode, starting the final setup showing the Settings dialog
    • Now press CTRL+SHIFT+F3 to boot to Audit Mode
    • Install all your software, customize desktop and Explorer, set browser homepages and so on, in my case also the language packs
    • Sysprep and generalize Windows, shut down the reference PC
    • Boot the reference PC with imaging boot disk
    • Capture the image

    That's it. The image can be deployed to any hardware or virtual machine capable of running Windows. Everything is there, a nice detail is that if you installed language packs in Audit Mode as I do, your OOBE now starts by asking which language you want to use, a multilingual Windows install media (kind of) :). The same image allows me to install Windows in Finnish, Swedish or English. This is not important to most of the users but for me it is.

    In my case, as seen in Part 1, installing and customizing Windows and my software takes about an hour and a half. Why should I use that long for each machine or every time I want to / need to reinstall, when I can do this once and then get the same results in less than half an hour by deploying my image? Less than half an hour, Windows clean installed with all my customizations, language packs and installed software.
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    Just finished P2. Excellent!
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    The OneNote listings have been updated.

    A needed clarification:

    There has been some misunderstanding, as to who keeps up the listings, by some of you.
    Kari is the Herr & Meister(Lord & Master) of keeping the video listings current.

    My OneNote listings are just for "Data Redundancy":
    In computer main memory, auxiliary storage and computer buses,data redundancy is the existence of data that is additional to the actual data and permits correction of errors in stored or transmitted data. The additional data can be simply a complete copy of the actual data, or only select pieces of data that allow detection of errors and reconstruction of lost or damaged data up to a certain level.
    Data redundancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I wanted to do this originally, so if something happens(and "Bit happens" all the time), there was a copy or alternate, one can go to, because of how important these videos are to members and guests looking for help.
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    Great Video @Kari
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    New video: Windows 10 Hyper-V Virtual Machine Shortcut - How to Start, Run and Shutdown a Hyper-V vm from a single Shortcut.

    Shows how to create a PowerShell script to start (boot) a vm, open it, and finally shut down simply by closing the vm window. Really practical way to run Hyper-V virtual machines: double click the shortcut to boot and open it, close the vm window to automatically shutdown.

    The PS script:
    Start-VM "VM Name"
    C:\Windows\System32\vmconnect.exe localhost "VM Name" | Out-Null
    Stop-VM "VM Name"

    Command to run the script or add to a shortcut:
    powershell.exe "& ""Path&Name_of_the_Script.ps1"""

    The VB script, to run the PS script without showing the PowerShell window:
    command = "powershell.exe -nologo -command Path&Name_of_the_Script.ps1"
    set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    shell.Run command,0
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    Nice Kari! A great convenience for VM users. :)
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