Hi All! Sorry if this is in the wrong place, i'm new to the forum.

New to Windows 10, just upgraded today to try to fix some issues I caused by being computer illiterate (in the most severe way) I constantly have to google terms and compare screenshots etc) and pig-headed about something silly.

History, when computer (WIN 7) was purchased eons ago, my then husband set up windows with just one user and gave it his name, we'll call him "Bob". When we divorced last year I didnt want to have to log on and see Bob evrywhere. I set up a new account and gave myself admin rights. Went to delete his account and it would stop showing up on logon page but not on C: drive.

Not being very sensible I simply right clicked and copy pasted each blasted folder under "Bob" one at a time and then deleted from those old folders-working my way back up to the original "Bob" User folder. It appeared to be empty but still wouldnt delete. I have no idea what I did the other day to be honest but I FINALLY managed to delete it for good. Wasnt till hours later I found the desktop had deleted everything (Igot that fixed, I think) but now it doubles ALL shortcut icons. I think I narrowed it down to the majority of the "Appdata" folder being under my new admin User folder, with only background stuff that I didnt kow about at the time being in his (also they were hidden so I didnt see them). Anyway I deleted the old original Appdata folder. Thinking the issue was with windows if I just upgraded Windows it would all magically fix itself, I am now left with these double icons (because best I can tell from dear google they are listed under the general computer and my user name both and it all has to do with these two app data folders??????? Does this make sense?

Has anybody got any idea what I do to fix this, keep in mind screen shots might work better for me as I have NO idea where anything is in WIN 10 yet, or hpw to work it really-coming from WIN 7 this is a huge diff. for me, and if I have to go to regedit, please be specific cause that place scares me!!!!