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oh, I see. Alright, so if I just follow the thread on how to unstall a clean win10, would that be enough? or will I need to follow the instructions in the BleepingComputer thread as well?
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If you're good with a clean install, (because you have your needed software and data already backed up), then I would go ahead with a clean install, per the tutorial. Just be sure to delete all partitions on your OS drive, so that it becomes "unallocated", and let Windows make the partitions automatically when it installs. That way you will be sure to get rid of any rootkits that may exist on your system.

If you have any questions about the tutorial, please ask. :)
Good choice, khalitzy

The only thing I recommend in cases where a Rootkit might exist is to clean the drive in diskpart, not just delete all partitions before installing. Read the tutorial, ask questions and when you're ready, simrick, I, or another member can help you through the process. It's fairly straight forward and the tutorial covers all the bases - that might be why it seems daunting to some people.

For now

Clean Boot Windows 10


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

If you have another means (phone, tablet, another PC) to communicate with members on your thread - that would be great.