Hello TenForums... I'm new here, but not new to Windows

That being said, I have the strangest laptop behavior I've ever witnessed in all my years.

I recently bought the new Vaio Z Flip 16gb RAM 512GB SSD i7 Skylake laptop. LOVE it.

I dj every night. And for the first 2 nights, the vaio clipping tool would launch, repeatedly, in concert with OneNote. (the built-in OneNote, not Office version) I had no control, and could do nothing. Even restarting... So i restarted in safe mode, and uninstalled the vaio clipping tool. This resolved part of the problem, because even though OneNote would still launch on its' own, I was and am using a dj controller that would still allow me to use mty dj software. Eventually, after about 30 minutes, I could regain use of my trackpad. And that would be the end of the issue. But it would repeat every night.

I was unable / unaware of uninstalling OneNote. But after a few days of research, I learned how to uninstall OneNote. However, it reinstalls itself. So that trick went out the window... besides which, the trackpad would STILL freeze. Now the issue was only occuring at 10:47pm. and resolving itself at around 11:15pm.

After MANY communications with the DJ software company (serato) and the dj controller manufacturer (pioneer) with NO resolution, I decided to go buy a different controller, different brand. This issue ONLY happened at night, and I could not reproduce the same problem if I tried to dj during the day... so that is another strange factor.

The new equipment netted the exact same issue. So that ruled out hardware. But now I noticed something I did not catch before in the event viewer... OneNote was unable to register. I'm on a cruise ship, and having a constant internet connection is ... impossible. So, the next day, I did everything in my power to register OneNote. But it would not register... Finally, I went to msconfig, and deactivated all startup services and software aside from Microsoft. NOW I was able to register OneNote, AND that night I finally was able to DJ without ANY problems! So I thought I had finally resolved the problem. The next night, I was also free and clear of problems. But LAST night, the same problem came back. OneNote did not launch, but the trackpad went to the upper left corner, and was frenetically trying to do something or move... (i didn't have an internet connection, as usual)

I did not catch anything interesting in the event logs, but there was an event ID logon... that is the only thing that corresponded with the time of the trackpad problem.

I have ran sfc /scannow... and it found problems it could not fix. I then ran DISM... it could not repair. But I know that sfc and DISM is not 100% reliable...

I don't know what to do. VAIO has not replied to ANY requests for help. Can anyone help? I could not attach the sfc scan log... it's too big