I have an Asus computer x64 that was originally Windows 8 which I upgraded to Windows 10/10.1, and have had no issues for over a year. I was running someone else's SD card to watch a video and I closed out the video and popped out the SD card. My computer then froze. So, I turned it off and then it was just a black screen. Turned off again it popped randomly into BIOS which I saved and exited only to keep popping into the BIOS. After 1 more restart, the ASUS logo showed up and say "Preparing Automatic Repair". After about 6 minutes of that, it popped up into the Windows Recovery Area I guess. It is a blue screen and gives you the option to Troubleshoot or Turn off PC. I choose Troubleshoot.

Another two options appear which say Reset this PC and Advanced Options. I have gone into Reset PC to keep my files and it tells me "The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again."

Next I go into advanced options and try System Restore, which tells me to specify which installation to restore, restart the computer and select System Restore (I cant get to this option).

I try Going back to the previous build which says, to try resetting your current build because it cant take me back to previous build...

Im stuck and my computer is everything to me.