I have two tablets and a desktop PC, all Windows 10.
On all of them I've disabled the Lock screen. When I start up or wake up the desktop, I get the logon screen as expected.

On both tablets, when I wake them from sleep, I often very briefly see the Windows start screen or whatever it was doing when I put it to sleep, and then a screen saying 'Locking...' which can stay there for a second or two, and only then the logon screen.

It's a bit annoying! I never used to get this on my first tablet; when I got the second one I started noticing it. And then it started happening on the first one too... But never on the desktop.

I think it must be a consequence of the lower performance of the tablets or their slowish SSDs. as when I disabled the logon screen background it seemed to help.

Or, is it something I can fix?