I need help on how to solve my problem on computer. At startup there is always something that pop-ups at my desktop.
The program name is windowshelper.exe and is located at C:\ProgramData\Windows. I wonder if this is some DarkComet RAT thing because I downloaded cracked hacks on my game and turns out that it's a virus. First after downloading it BitDefender quarantined it and I returned it back to normal so I can execute the .exe and .dll files. After that BitDefender found another virus again named msdcsc.exe so I searched it and found that it was really DarkCometRAT (I'm not sure about it.) So now I quarantined it at BitDefender and permanently removed it (I also removed the hack that I downloaded to my game) Yesterday I re-booted like 2x and downloaded another Anti-virus (Norton) and I tried to scan my system again but I cancelled it. I remember that I terminated a task called "Microsoft .NET thingy" and 5 cmds popped up at the same time. So my problem now is there is something that shows up at startup called windowshelper.exe. I located the folder of it and found another file "windowshelper.exe.config". I'm sorry if my english is bad, I don't speak English a bit. I really need help on these 2 problems. I'm happy to read all of your replies. Thanks.