Windows 10: Win 10 Crashed am now back on Win8.1 Need to get back to Win 10. Solved

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  1.    29 May 2016 #1

    Win 10 Crashed am now back on Win8.1 Need to get back to Win 10.

    After a computer crash on Win 10 the computer started up on Win8.1. I had a backup of 8.1 on G drive ( a hard drive partition). The computer renamed my G drive as C drive and the previous C drive (with Win 10) as G drive. So I now need to get the Win 10 drive back in the drivers seat as C drive.Any ideas on how I can do this?
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  2.    29 May 2016 #2

    open a command prompt (admin) and type

    Bcdboot G:\Windows

    reboot and you should get two windows boot options Win8.1 and win10
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  3.    30 May 2016 #3

    WIn 10 crashed back to win 8 - repair programs

    Thanks for your good advice. It would have worked accept that Win finds the disk in need of repair. Must be a corrupted program as the disk checks out OK. Win is not able to repair the disk. Appreciate any advise on repair programs or I will have to reformat and so lose my installed programs. The G disk is an SSD.

    Kyhi said: View Post
    open a command prompt (admin) and type

    Bcdboot G:\Windows

    reboot and you should get two windows boot options Win8.1 and win10
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       31 May 2016 #4

    Run chkdsk g: /r from a Elevated Command Prompt under 8.1 to correct any file system corruption caused by the initial crash.

    See if that fixes the problem.
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  5.    01 Jun 2016 #5

    I had the same, you can redownload kb for Win 10 install it and wait your turn.
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  6.    02 Jun 2016 #6

    tried the chkdisc and found no problems. Don't understand the kb for windows. Thanks for your respose
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  7.    02 Jun 2016 #7

    You can use a program such as MiniTool Partition Wizard Free or Macrium Reflect Free to copy the current C: drive partition to your G: drive partition. Then the command in Post #2 will add it to the boot menu as a second Windows 8.1, which you should be able to boot into. Then do the upgrade again to Windows 10 on it. You can upgrade from a Windows 10 installation drive made with the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool (or just upgrade from the Media Creation Tool itself):
    Windows 10

    Be advised, though, that with only 1 license for Windows (whether it is Windows 8.1 or the upgraded Windows 10), you are allowed to only have 1 installation of Windows activated in accordance with the End User's License Agreement. Your "backup" copy of Windows needs to be removed from the computer and stored solely as a backup, not installed as dual booting.
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  8.    06 Jun 2016 #8

    Drive boot error Windows\system32\winload.exe error 0xo0000225

    Thanks for your advise. I have downloaded both those programs. My problem is that I do not want to override the G drive (previous C) which is not partitioned, as I am trying to preserve programs previously installed. I now have both drives on Win 10 but if I try the bcd boot command the system shuts down. Reason is an error on the G drive - which was the original problem - that does not allow it to boot. This is why the computer switched to the 8.1 drive. The error showing is problem with Windows\system32\winload.exe error 0xo0000225. You must be tired of this case but if you know how I can fix this I would appreciate it.
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  9.    07 Jun 2016 #9

    My problem is that I do not want to override the G drive which is not partitioned

    I now have both drives on Win 10

    Reason is an error on the G drive - that does not allow it to boot.
    Drive G is either on a Legacy disk or it boots from the files on the other disk..

    POST a pic of disk management..................

    You have two drives (two HDD's) ????

    The windows 8.1 drive boot and is working ????

    The windows 10 Drive is the one giving you Issues ?????

    You can see the Windows 10 Drive from the windows 8.1 desktop ????

    You dual boot via the boot menu or via swapping boot devices in the bios firmware ???

    The G - C drive letters are not a problem as the Booted OS will always be C:

    So what is the issue, just the fact you can not boot windows 10 OS ??

    Did you allow the OS to repair it self ????

    Do you know if both disks are the same format - Legacy / GPT ???

    To many questions and not enough information about your experience and troubleshooting results...
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  10.    07 Jun 2016 #10

    Drive error - will not boot

    Thanks for your reply.

    Quick summary. Setup was a C drive SSD on win 10. Also had a partitioned Hard drive with drive G as an out of date backup that contained Win 8.1. Computer crashed and G drive became C running 8.1 and the SSD became G drive which did not show on the boot menu. I could still access files on G drive. I then upgraded the 8.1 drive to Win 10 (intending to move G drive files to C and use it as the main drive). After that the G drive no longer showed. If I connect only the G drive and start with a rescue disc I get a disc needs repair message Windows\system32\winload.exe error 0xo0000225. Which I cannot fix.

    In answer to your questions:
    G drive was originally Legacy but now does not load at all.
    Picture of May 29 shows both C and G drive on Win 8. Picture of June 7 shows no G drive.
    One SSD and one hard drive
    Win 8.1 drive (now Win 10) boots and works
    The SSD drive with Win 10 (no longer showing) has the problem
    Can no longer see the win 10 SSD drive.
    Trying the Bcd boot brings up the SSD with error code as above
    Issue is I cannot access files or boot from the ssd drive
    Win automatic repair says it cannot repair the OS
    Dont know about Legacy/GPT

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