Windows 7 automatically updated to Windows 10, now hotswap harddrive requires user permissions over and over and I am losing files.

Well I was one of the people who went to lunch one day only to come back and find that windows 10 was 85% complete installation... by itself.. with no prompt.. without warning..

At any rate, the specific problems I am having with Windows 10 began somewhere along the line when I purchased a game in the Windows 10 store, which required me to log in with my Microsoft account, which then, I guess changed my 'user permissions' on my system which somehow affected my second harddrive.. which basically rendered it such that I could no longer access what was on it (the 'denied, you don't have permissions' thing).

If it was just a single incidence on a single system, I wouldn't be so upset about it. You just set the permissions back using harddrive properties and boom you are back in business.
The problem is that this harddrive is in a sleeve and is a 'hot swappable' hard drive that my computer case holds. I use this same drive at home and at work. I turn the computer off, pop the sleeve/drive out and then at work slide it in and then turn on that computer.
the problem? well the windows 10 at work THERE (I went ahead and bit the bullet and updated to Windows 10 on the work computer...) then has different user permissions on it.. so some files are not even visible, some are 'mixed' due to being named or written over while on the other system, and some of them simply get deleted or are made to be size 0 when reboot because windows has to 'repair' the drive.. I am assuming since some files are tied to the permissions of the home computer, they look like garbled or aren't recognized normally on the work computer...
this is frustrating to no end, because I am losing hours of work to this, or are having to start certain programs or documents over from scratch which are lost to this ridiculous user permissions BS.

In Windows 7, the hot swap worked FLAWLESSLY between home and work computers.. no problems at ALL.. this is a new problem brought about with Windows 10, and it seemed to have started when I was forced to 'log in' so I could buy/download a game on the Windows 10 store.

Right now the permissions that I set on the Harddrive are:

Authenticated Users
Administrators (my login\Administrators)
Users (my login\Users)

I used these because my small external USB hard drive has these as the user permissions on it, and it works on both systems when plugged into USB. However the 'my login' part is different on each computer in the case of the hotswap harddrive...

How can I make this drive back to like it was, where when I put it in either computer, when the computer powers on, the permissions are just fine for EITHER computer..

I have to reset the permissions on each computer, in order to use the hardrive at all, EVERY TIME, which then after reboot the harddrive then thinks there are 'errors' during the reboot...

If I set it to just 'Everyone' will it work on any system and not need to be reset?

PLEASE HELP. I am almost at my wits end on this. I am ready to just revert back to Windows 7 because of the need to keep from having to redo work.. this permissions thing is a new one for me.. I simply don't have a clue what windows is doing to these files or how it locks them or ties them to user permissions... I need the files to be accessed on either system, without having to reset permissions over and over. and to be writing new files and data that will work no matter where this harddrive is put..

Using this BIG HARDRIVE this way has made it possible for me to work at home and at work using the same data, programs, and resources all on the same big drive...