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  1.    22 May 2016 #71

    Best way to keep system clean is to have least number of programs running, how many programs you have installed doesn't matter any more, not since after XP and new way registry is handled.
    Just about only thing that has to "settle" is disk defragmenting and eventual updates. Other thing is prefetch/superfetch but that settled by using programs. Eventual self improvement of windows happens when system learns how to handle virtual memory and set size limits if it isn't set by user.
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  2.    22 May 2016 #72

    I think that maybe Vince is practicing a comic routine.
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       23 May 2016 #73

    Rocky said: View Post
    I think that maybe Vince is practicing a comic routine.
    Right, I'm beginning to understand - we've met the stooge - now, where's the comic?

    He's probably going to come on stage carrying a bricked $3.2k Surface Book from MS store, and asks Vince to help him get it going!

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    Vince Massi said: View Post
    Buying a Cheap Windows 10 Laptop Part 7

    (yada yada yada getting to some point....)

    There are some reports that MS waits two days before sending upgrades to a new Win 10. If you start locking up, go to Settings--Updates and Security, and see if you have updates waiting. Send them through while you do not use your rig, and that should give them a chance.

    A powerful rig can often blast its way through a problem, but a budget laptop isn't a powerful rig. Use Defender as your anti-virus because it won't clash with your OS. Other than the free Malwarebytes Anti-virus, you need no other security as long as you keep credit card numbers, etc., off your machine.
    As for the second line there the "FixMeStick" or whatever for only .... is the new miracle worker for pc slowdowns, finding bugs the av programs can't remove.... " daaaaa... A former Symantec Security Analyst I keep in touch with uses...? Bit not Windows Defender free version and Zone Alarm Free version as well already knowing how to manually remove any bugs! The first part there however about seeing the small updates tended to first are generally what will prevent a newer Insider build from downloading or installing once already downloaded until those are seen to. Been finding the WD, Malware removal tool, and C++ Visual updates one of the three if not two of the three will be a regular sight for each newer Insider build going on and generally are the first seen on any clean install unless you leave the get all updates box unchecked where then you have manually run around for updates for any fresh 10 install.

    With recently and brand new laptop models since last fall it will either being seeing 8.1 or 10 coming with it. Some are totally new models introduced during the early fall that will only be seeing 10 unless like I was mentioning early on you order from Dell who had been offering the choice of OS. Some companies held off introducing 7 capable new models that also handle 8, 8.1 since they wanted to support only 10 as well as see the latest newest version on the latest models since this has been in the works since 2014. when MS of course informed the OEMs what they were planning long before the Tech Preview and Insider builds emerged.

    As far as how clean any system runs isn't simply the number of programs but how many disk errors that can appear as well as wear and tear on anything other then a brand new drive for example. More importantly is how much impact each startup sees in comparison to what a particular system has for general resources. The impact pertains to cpu time demands as well as how much ram is taken off of the top as for how much impact will be seen on the overall performance.

    When planning out the present build now entering it's 6th year it was to see 16gb since the previous 4gb run case ran into the "out of resources" problems when going to run multiple VMs at times. As for gaming 4gb was still plenty since there isn't any super boost in performance seen when going from 4-8 or even 4-16gb as seen here to mention! You simply end up with an abundance of unallotted memory addresses as well as moving up from a dual to quad cpu in the changeover. Next build might see the Octocore? or simply say to myself for what? 10 hasn't become a "Memory Hog" of any type getting a Bloated OS reception despite it being a larger then 7 dual platform OS.

    When shopping for anything premade you first weight it up against what your actual needs are before spending out top dollar in what is called Bargain Hunting to get the same for less by shopping around for not only best prices but "Best Options Available" at any given time according to personal needs. As for custom builds you plan things out a bit ahead of time rather then simply rushing at things to look at the long range usages.

    Here for out visiting when not having the time to set up the 10 laptop with usb powered speakers simply to run some web content like YouTube clips a fast move at a 2gb Tablet would likely suffice. I have a nice pair of 128gb flash drives for on the go quick saves as well as still having an external drive as well as internals on the pair of desktops. Or I might another use for the extra $$$ that would be spent for something else. But these are still "options" not the "meet the actual needs first" considerations being mentioned. Don't need 1000 theories on how to see that done.
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  5.    24 May 2016 #75

    Windows hardware specs going up for the first time since 2009 | Ars Technica

    It is possible that Microsoft is in the process of requiring new Windows 10 computers to actually be designed for Windows 10. A sticker starting that a device is Windows 10 compatible does not mean that it is built from the ground up for Windows 10: it only means that Windows 10 will run on it. As of this date (May 24, 2016) all Windows 10 computers being sold are Windows 8.1 machines with 10 installed at the factory.

    If MS is forcing manufacturers to come out with better machines, that are actually built from the ground up for Windows 10, consumers will benefit.
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  6.    24 May 2016 #76

    Vince, again, I'm not sure where you are getting your info, or why you keep insisting that a computer is built for an OS. Given your comment above, how do you explain our Latitude E7250s that come with Windows 10 installed?

    I'm trying to be polite here, but please give up the terms "built for" and "ground up". I'll repeat, there is no such thing.

    Hardware specs are going up slightly...because that's what they do. The more an OS "does" the more hardware it will need behind it. There are no stickers that mean a computer is meant to run an OS.

    Please stop with the "built for Windows 10 from the ground up" comments. There is no such thing. There will be no difference in these "new" systems as compared to what's on the shelves already.

    All you are doing is posting incorrect and misleading information, over and over.
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  7.    24 May 2016 #77

    I just bought my daughter an Asus R554 flip book yesterday. It came with Windows 10 Home (10240) installed from the factory, a Windows 10 Home product key in bios, and a Windows 10 certification sticker on it. After I imaged the hard drive and exported drivers, I wiped it and clean installed Windows 10 Pro (10586). After installing, all the unknown devices and devices with exclamation points in device manager updated directly from the internet. So I don't know why Vince keeps insisting on pushing his "built from the ground up for Windows 10" point. The fact is - it just doesn't matter.
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  8.    24 May 2016 #78

    DeaconFrost writes "Please stop with the "built for Windows 10 from the ground up" comments. There is no such thing."

    As of today, May 24, 2016, that is correct.

    "There will be no difference in these "new" systems as compared to what's on the shelves already." That is incorrect. The new systems will have higher minimums, making them better-suited to run Windows 10. The current crop of new Windows 8.1 machines run Windows 10 very well, but a machine designed from the ground up for 10 will do better.
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  9.    24 May 2016 #79

    Seriously? Obviously the hardware increases incrementally....that's always been the case. But that has nothing to do with being built for a specific OS or not. That's the nature of technology. Every cell phone revision is a little better and more efficient than the one before it. That's how this industry works.

    Again, that has nothing to do with being designed for a specific OS or not. Back when OS releases were a few years apart, Dell, HP, etc all continued to refresh their lines every few months.

    There. Is. No. Such. Thing. As. Designed. For. Windows. 10. From. The. Ground. Up.

    I'm not sure we can make this any clearer.
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  10.    24 May 2016 #80

    Speaking of errors, I had posted the statement "The touchscreen software is part of the Windows OS..."

    NavyLCDR responded " Drivers are the responsibility of hardware manufacturers, not Microsoft. OP credibility rating now moving exponentially more negative."

    For those who came in late, a driver is a software program that is written. It tells a piece of hardware how to operate. A driver is not built by the manufacturer; it is not a piece of hardware. Dell, HP, Acer, etc., do not manufacture drivers.

    If you have a Windows machine with a touchscreen, the drivers are a written part of the Windows operating system. They are not a manufactured part of your machine.
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