Windows 10 from the ground up

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  1.    16 May 2016 #21

    "Built for Windows 10" is a marketing trick to get you to pay more for it. Nothing more.
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  2.    16 May 2016 #22

    NavyLCDR said: View Post
    "Built for Windows 10" is a marketing trick to get you to pay more for it. Nothing more.
    As of today, May 16, 2016, you are correct. There are no computers built from the ground up for Windows 10. Even the very best new computers are designed for Windows 8.1.
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       17 May 2016 #23

    Let's see I have a custom case here build for 7 I could have easily run XP on since XP updates were available for not only the main board but the expansion cards which include an MSI Radeon 5750 video card, Creative X-Fi XtremeAudio PCIe model sound card, and nic card along with the discontinued tv tuner/video capture card that originally saw XP drivers and software. The same are now running 10 with the tv card using an original Vista x64 driver apparently while the app goes to another newer model that saw 8.1 updates available. Both video and sound cards have seen the latest Radeon update for video and the Creative software's web updater tool grab 10 drivers while those are not listed separately on the regular product support page likely in beta form? Or just happen to be the update for a totally different newer model that now does see 10 updates listed.

    Nothing at this point or back when 7 was first out was built specifically for 7. 8 saw a new variation on the boot loader as well as bringing in the RT form of GUI once MS decided to strip out the 7 Start menu rather then revising an updated style of menu in favor of the tablet/mobile form. Yet if you look at a newer 8.1 board closely you may find there is support for 7. Unlike OEM hardwares specific to model series the hardwares sold individually will generally take into account 2-3 versions while the board in the last XP build that saw Vista support had lost 98, ME support. The previous build had to see one of the two 512s removed however in order to set up a working dual boot between 98 and XP due to 98's 500mb maximum.

    Since Vista as I was mentioning earlier MS having seen the MinWin kernel introduced with 7 to cut the "Bloated OS" in half as far as just how much memory would be needed for system processes unlike the thinking each new build had to see even more memory used since capacities increased like 16gb and 32gb boards 10 is now still seeing the 1gb minimum for the 32bit. 2gb for the 64bit Windows. Tablets only see 1-2gb on average.

    So for building any new custom build the first essential ingredient would be looking at not only specifications but support pages to see which versions are being supported. If MS was still following the progression as far as the 2-3yrs. for each newer version the present board and other hardwares would be defunct simply due to Windows 11 or what not being two versions newer then 8.1 where 8.1 updates would then be pointless! I would then need at least an 8.1 not 8 board and hardwares to see that get updates for 10 and next to come. Since it generally has taken at least a full year for OEMs to play catch up on support a completely all 10 would still be rather non existant since components sold separately are generally cross version supported in order to sell to custom builders unlike OEMs looking to turn one model series over quickly in order to be able to introduce the next series to come. Each newer versions means dropping support for the older in favor of pushing newer profit makers out.
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  4.    17 May 2016 #24

    Vince Massi said: View Post
    As of today, May 16, 2016, you are correct. There are no computers built from the ground up for Windows 10. Even the very best new computers are designed for Windows 8.1.
    So what is the difference between these "Windows 10 PCs" and something that, according to you, would be built from the ground up for Windows 10?
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  5.    17 May 2016 #25

    Vince Massi said: View Post
    I appreciate the answers. Researching it yesterday, I cannot find any real hardware differences in the newest Windows 10 desktops and similar 8.1 desktops. It is agreed that you should have 4 gigs of RAM (although 2 is adequate if you're not a gamer), but RAM is so cheap, and the future is so unpredictable, that 8 gigs seems to be the standard.
    How long do you plan on keeping the new box?
    Personally, I have always built my own, and I tend to do it to the high side
    and keep the box for a long time, so I build ahead to the max.

    My current box has run XP, Vista, windows 7 and now windows 10. No performance issues
    at all. I plan on keeping it for a good long while.

    Two main things really count, RAM and SSD right now.
    For RAM I'd go with 8 gigs. Almost any SSD drive will speed thing up quite
    a bit, I have used both Samsung and Intel drives.

    If you go retail, then I'd say try for these two things minimum.
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  6.    17 May 2016 #26

    Vince Massi said: View Post
    As of today, May 16, 2016, you are correct. There are no computers built from the ground up for Windows 10. Even the very best new computers are designed for Windows 8.1.
    I think you are still getting hung up on marketing terms as NavyLCDR suggested. A computer isn't built for one specific version of Windows. It's built to fill a product segment...high-end gamer, business professional, cheap for students, etc. Then, the marketing materials will be created to say it was meant for whatever version of Windows is the current. Linux is such a small percentage, and you can't legally install OSX on a PC, so that only leaves Windows.

    In short, there's no such thing as built for Windows *insert revision here*. A computer is built to perform a certain role or be sold at a certain price point, with either home or business users in mind.
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  7.    17 May 2016 #27

    Buying a Cheap Windows 10 Laptop Part 2

    Since all new laptops are built for Windows 8.1, there is no such thing as a computer designed specifically for Windows 10. So let's see what we've got.

    I have three laptops that we let kids from the church and orphanage use. Unfortunately, two were ruined last week when a terrific thunderstorm blew in enough rain to drench them.

    1) The Acer Aspire E1 has two gigs of RAM. It ran great, playing games from the Windows Store and streaming cartoons and videos, and allowing the kids to get onto Facebook. Built for 8, I upgraded it to 8.1 and then to 10 with no problems at all. Incidentally, the fact that a rig is built from the ground up for a specific OS does not mean that it can't run other OSes. Its dual-core CPU is 1.4 gigahertz.

    2) The pawnshop had a used Gateway laptop on sale for $60 US. Two gigs of RAM and a Celeron chip, but with a strong video card and a large screen. Same as above, it ran great on 8.1 and 10.

    3) Laptops in Mexico cost about double what they do on the US. When Walmart reduced a $1200 laptop (that would have cost $600 in the US) to $400, I couldn't resist. 4 gigs of RAM with an i3 chip, it was designed for 8.1 and runs 10 easily. It's the only one that survived the thunderstorm.

    How many gigs of RAM do you need for 10? If you don't do anything more complicated than Windows Store games, 2 gigs is sufficient.

    Can a cheap laptop designed for one operating system successfully run another operating system? Yes
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  8.    17 May 2016 #28

    You don't get it do you?? No you don't. There's never been hardware specify build for a specific version of Windows.. ever. I have no idea where you're getting the idea that a PC/Lappy is designed for say.. Win8/8.1 only. Also you need a good surge proctor to prevent lighting from killing the lappy. There is no other way that could have been prevented.

    I would like to see some proof to back up your claim that a PC is designed for a specific OS. I doubt you can find any

    PS,.. where is the neg rep button.. we can use it for this.
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  9.    17 May 2016 #29

    There is hardware that meets the specifications for Windows 10 and there is hardware that doesn't. PERIOD. If a manufacturer wants the Windows 10 certification on their box then they will build the computer with 100% hardware that meets Windows 10 specifications and that's all. Some of that hardware may have also had Windows 8 certification or even Windows 7 certification, but if it meets the Windows 10 specs then it meets the Windows 10 specs. PERIOD.

    For the home user, the hardware does not even have to meet the Windows 10 specification in order to run Windows 10. It's just that some features that would be available to Windows 10 won't be available.

    I posted a list from Microsoft's website of computers that are Windows 10 certified by Microsoft. Those computer, therefore, were "built from the ground up for Windows 10" because every component and driver in that computer meets Windows 10 specifications. PERIOD. The fact that they previously existed as Windows 8/8.1 certified does not change that.
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  10.    17 May 2016 #30

    @Vince Massi, I guess I am a little confused. What is it you are trying to ask or find out? I think you are putting too much thought in to this process. If you are planning to replace the two damaged computers, buy the best ones you can get for your budget. Don't worry about what's listed as "built" for which OS.

    If you are asking what the minimum hardware specs are to run Windows 10 well, then that is a far different question, but far more useful.
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