I'm having this problem on two Windows 10 computers, so I'm not sure if it's "intended", but here goes.

When I mouse over a window, I can hover and get the normal tooltip. If I move the mouse off of the window where a hover action extends all the way to the end of the window, Windows doesn't recognize that the mouse is now off of the window and will keep the tooltip open. This is very frustrating as I have to put my mouse back on the window and specifically move it off at a place that doesn't have a hover action.

The best example I have is the toolbar options in the top-right corner of any window (minimize, maximize, close). The X turns red when I hover, but if I move the mouse entirely out of the window when it was over the X it stays red because Windows still acts like it is hovering there.

Is there anything I can do to fix this so that Windows recognizes when my mouse isn't actually over a window anymore?