Windows 10: Should I upgrade to Win 10?

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  1.    14 May 2016 #1

    Should I upgrade to Win 10?

    Hey guys!

    So I dont know if this is the place to put this but I am kind of on the fence regarding Windows 10.
    I have heard some messed up stuff about spying, making an Account just so Microsoft knows what advertisements send to me. One of the reasons I never opted into anything past windows 7 is because I felt like Windows was trying to become Apple, especially with that App Store and Metro View crap.
    Now based on what I see/hear all that stuff is gone but replaced with some Big Brother shit... some people say its happening, then others say no its not OR they say "well its happening on Win7 and Win8 anyway! So you might as well bend over"

    Honestly I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore and would appreciate some straight answers.
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  2.    14 May 2016 #2

    From an unbiased ( I use Linux and Windows equally) viewpoint... telemetry can be found in all major players' OS' - Windows, Ubuntu, Android, Apple etc... it's the way companies use information to make profits.
    Whether the info they grab is personal enough to be considered intrusive is the question - I don't think we know exactly what is being collected, so trust is all we have.
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  3.    14 May 2016 #3

    I might sound stupid when I say this but what is the difference between Apps and regular old installers with software on them? I hate the idea of having a "store" on my PC. Features like Cortana, Appstore and etc I want them purged from my PC. If I want a Firefox browser I will go to their site and get it... if I want to search something then I will use google. I don't need Bing's search results.
    When I was using the Tablet version I would constantly hit a wall of "If it is not on our App store then tough shit". That kind of stuff made me so mad you have no idea... I guess it boils down to:
    Is this is an open system or a close system?
    I never got an apple product because of exactly this reason.

    Besides right now my windows 7 is working perfectly fine for both work and games, I really don't want to screw that up.
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  4.    14 May 2016 #4

    Nothing wrong staying with Windows 7, TBH...

    Windows 10 is still being polished.
    I don't use Cortana, Store or any "Metro" apps, IE/Edge nor Bing - can't say I have hit a brick wall regarding apps either.
    There are lotsa tutorials to tweak it, but each has their own needs - so to quote a cliche, YMMV.
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  5.    14 May 2016 #5

    But there is no way to delete them right?
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  6.    14 May 2016 #6

    You can not delete the store but you never have to use it.
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  7.    14 May 2016 #7

    eidius said: View Post
    But there is no way to delete them right?
    Bottom line all those programs you would like to remove....answer is no ....their deeply imbedded in Windows 10. Sorry.
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  8.    14 May 2016 #8

    Windows Store is wonderful! You get a very large variety of choices, many of them free, all guaranteed to work and be virus-free. All of the pre-installed aps can be uninstalled through PowerShell.

    You already know that ANY time you go to a new operating system, there is a learning curve.

    My advice? Sometimes you gotta shoot all the engineers and press the power button. Go ahead and install 10. If it doesn't work, you have thirty days to go back.
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       15 May 2016 #9

    - don't worry, Microsoft won't swallow your soul..
    - they're actually trying to be helpful..

    - almost impossible to believe in this day and age, I know..
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  10.    15 May 2016 #10

    eidius said: View Post
    But there is no way to delete them right?
    Windows 10 is a departure from all previous versions where MS is trying to please
    everyone with phones, tablets and computers. Thus there are compromises especially
    in display and such.

    Once you get that, and decide to go to W10 I highly suggest you back up your
    files and do a clean install. Your chances of success I believe are much better.

    If you select to custom install you can turn off 99% of stuff MS collects.

    You can disable cortana.
    Cortana - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    Check out the tutorial section in the forum to further customise your setup.
    Windows 10 Tutorials

    When you install skip the part that asks you about setting up an MS account, its
    not required.

    If you do all this basically your install will be similar to Windows 7. No doubt there
    would be some work to do, but if your happy with windows 7 stay with it.
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