Windows 10 stuck at login screen....

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  1.    02 Apr 2016 #31

    Bless You

    silentecho01 said: View Post
    Thank you for posting this, in detail!! Gave me the starting point I needed to fully fix the issues with the upgrade to Windows 10.

    For those reading this now, if you have a way to do so, download [or flash] your WiFi adapter drivers [if they are firmware components], or have the install disc ready for any USB WiFi adapter you are using. Start by following the above instructions and TURN OFF the WiFi on your computer to finish the install of Windows 10. If you are stalled out anywhere around the "log in" screen, reboot your machine after disabling WiFi. Then, follow these steps:

    - Enter Password and press 'Next' on the install log in screen for Windows 10.

    - Bypass the 'Setup Internet Connection' by clicking the 'Skip this Step' near the bottom left of the screen.

    - Follow the prompts to configure your "home screen" and finish the install of the OS to your system.

    - Once the OS installs and your system loads, follow whatever paths are presented to log in.

    At this point, you will have to start the process of install ALL third party drivers. That's right, EVERY SINGLE driver for a third party [USB, PCIe, etc.] component needs to be reinstalled after the OS update. WiFi adapter, WiFi card, sound card, and Graphics cards; any drivers for these components were overwritten by Windows when upgrading to 10. Microsoft decided that if it was not on the motherboard and firmware, it was not to be saved/used. For those that might be keeping score, that means that the fundamental flaw of Windows 8.x was maintained: the "desktop" version of Windows 10 is actually a backward-port from the framework OS that is initially [and functionally] designed to operate on laptops, tablets, and any other "mobile" device that will accommodate the OS. For someone like me, who uses custom-built desktops, that doesn't work well... This is a sad issue to face, but thankfully this process should fix everything for you. Once you reinstall your WiFi drivers, you should be able to connect to the internet. [NOTE: I am using custom-built desktops, with USB WiFi-adapters, so I would be curious to know of the above process does, in fact, work on a laptop/firmware driver "update" after the Windows 10 update.]

    I hope, between the OP I reference, and my follow up, fewer people will bang their heads on their desks when the Windows 10 update stalls out on their end.

    Was having the problem of it hanging up on the setup password screen. I removed by WiFi Adapter and external hard drive, and it finally loaded...eventually after rebooting a few times (I also unplugged my speakers but I doubt that made any difference.) Anyway, then had to reload/reconfigure my WiFi adapter driver, which took another hour, but eventually all issues were resolved...after hours of anguish. THANK YOU!
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  2.    14 Apr 2016 #32

    Thought I'd register and post my experience with this issue.

    My Notebook would come out of Hibernation and I'd end up stuck on the log in screen. The keyboard and touch pad would function but nothing on the login screen would respond, the password/pin number box would be grayed out and I would not be unable to select it.

    I had a USB mouse plugged in, Wi-Fi turned on and bluetooth enabled (my portable speaker would connect to the bluetooth when the login screen appeared).

    Using a shortcut on my keyboard I was able to switch my Notebook to Airplane mode, I unplugged the USB mouse and I turned my portable speaker off so it would not connect.
    Then using the power button on my keyboard I turned off my Notebook and when I turned it back on I held in the Esc button. I then selected the Windows Boot Menu (Correct me if I am wrong, something along the lines of Boot menu). I was taken to a Windows updating screen which took roughly 2-3 minutes.
    I was then back at the login screen and it was all working fine. Once I had logged into Windows I turned Airplane mode off and all seems to be working fine. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB Mouse all working.

    I guess I'll have to put my Notebook in Airplane mode each time I try to login, probably requiring a restart after turning Airplane mode on.

    Hope this helps.
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  3.    14 Apr 2016 #33

    It might work just fine the next time you boot. It seems to get a bug in its ear every now & then. My desktop did this again 2 days ago, I fixed it the same way that I posted earlier. I haven't had any problems since. Good luck.
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  4.    12 Sep 2016 #34

    Hi members, same issue with Windows 10 v1607 x64 (from MSDN) clean/fresh installed on my laptop.
    First boot on safe mode, than restart and it should work normally after restarting. You will be able to login to desktop.
    Than... disable fast startup and disable hibernate!
    Some times it stuck at login or date/time screen but simply shutdown and turn it on again. It's really frustrating..!
    This is temporary fix and hope this helps if you have no another choice.
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  5.    17 Sep 2016 #35

    Same Issue JUST STARTED 1-2 days back on my aunts laptop (which was working okayish on Win 10 for now so must be some recent PUSH updates):
    PS: I've decided to put her back on Win 8.1 cause I hate having to support Win 10 shenanigans every damn week with some friend or relative.

    Dell Inspiron 1545

    I kept punching F8 and it did not even get me safe mode. Maybe it start to recog the laptop keyboard even as it boots.
    Will try a BIOS bypass, but that still means, no way to get inside windows.. and have them take their data out.

    Any thoughts and workarounds?
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  6.    17 Sep 2016 #36

    I encountered the same issue today and solved the problem by turning power off (using power button), pulling out the power cord, then taking out the battery for 10 seconds then rebooting. Worked first time :)
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  7.    23 Sep 2016 #37

    Last update: I fixed that problem by removing Network Mapped Folder/Drive. Another way is to disable SMB2 on Windows7/8.1/ or W10!
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  8.    09 Feb 2017 #38

    Solved 100%

    llevene said: View Post
    Hello. I have just upgraded from build 9926 to build 10041 and now I have s major problem with the login screen. It won't respond and no matter what I do with my mouse or keyboard it respond. The clock still changes however which us kinda strange. Here is a pic

    Any help appreciated!
    I Got Solution for My Windows 10 (I Couldn't Get Login Screen After Booting)ThenI Disabled Fast Booting. Now It's Working Fine...Settings->System->Power & Sleep->Additional power Settings->Choose What Power Button Does->Disable : Turn on Fast startup (Change settings that are currently unavailable)
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  9.    31 Mar 2017 #39

    llevene said: View Post
    Hello. I have just upgraded from build 9926 to build 10041 and now I have s major problem with the login screen. It won't respond and no matter what I do with my mouse or keyboard it respond. The clock still changes however which us kinda strange. Here is a pic
    Attachment 15685Attachment 15685
    Any help appreciated!
    Maybe a little late, but i found a workaround:
    - manage to restart the pc on safe mode
    - run control userpasswords2
    - click on advanced options
    - tick on require ctrl-alt-del
    - click ok
    - restart

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