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After latest updates File explorer doesn't show new files / directories added to a Network shared folder (from the server) until you refresh manually the directory.

What I mean is if new files / directories / folders are added ON THE REMOTE SERVER either on the NAS itself or using another computer(not the one you are currently using for the file transfer to your phone etc) then the share on windows file explorer doesn't show these new files / directories unless you refresh file explorer. You can't always know when and if new files are added on the server so IMO this is a DEFECT. The new files should show automatically.

I wanted to copy some music to my Samsung Phone from my NAS server -- I had the shared directory OK in Windows, the music was added to the NAS server but I didn't get it in File explorer until I had refreshed the file explorer program then I could see the new music folders.

For network shared folders there really ought to be an automatic update if files are added on the remote NAS.

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Using W10 Pro x-64 (Retail version) with all latest updates applied