Windows 10 installed itself on my computer. It kept asking me to instal and I kept saying No. One morning I came downstairs and it said "Thank you for installing Windows 10. I was worried because both of my sons installed it and had to F-Disk and start all over. One of their friends said Windows 10 actually damaged the motherboard and the computer had to be replaced. I did not want it on my computer, but it apparently decided for me (or maybe the cat did, she sleeps on the keyboard sometimes).

I was pleasantly surprised that Windows 10 seemed to work seamlessly. All of my programs ran faster and one program I had been unable to open since my son replaced the video card now started working again (Civilization V). In fact, it worked better than it had ever before.

After happily using Windows 10 for two weeks, one morning I started my computer and got a blue screen that says select keyboard language. However the keyboard and mouse would no longer work.

I tried rebooting, tried to start in safe mode. Nothing would work, I just got the blue keyboard language screen and nothing would work. I connected the keyboard and mouse to anther computer and they work fine. I connected the keyboard to various different ports on my computer, and nothing changed.

Later I started getting a gray screen with a message that says "Out of Range" I got past this screen by pressing various function keys and Alt during start up (obviously the keyboard works fine during start up. I am not sure which one worked. Getting past the out of range screen got me back to the blue "Choose a keyboard language" screen.

After looking up things on the internet, I think I can make the "Out of Range" issue go away by changing the refresh rate for the monitor. However I cannot tell that since I cannot get into the computer at all, just to the "Select Language" screen.

I read through various internet threads on this issue and found no helpful solution.

This is not a keyboard or computer hardware or Bios (whatever that is) problem. This computer worked with windows 10 for two weeks and I did not change anything. I do sometimes shut it down if I am not going to be using it for a few days and then turn it back on. That was the only change. I shut it down through the shut down menu and turned it on a few days later.

I would be happy to go back to windows 7. If I have to I will replace the computer, but I do not want to it is a pretty nice computer. . However I cannot lose the data on the hard drive. We have all of our family pictures for the past 15 years and all of the research and draft work for a book I have been working on for 2 years.

Is there any solution to this problem?

If it matters, my computer was made by Gateway. I think it has an AMD motherboard. It is 4 core and runs at 2.8 megahertz I think. It has 6 gb ram. The hard drive is 100 gb and only about 10% used when I installed Windows 10. It had Windows 7 pro (or premium) or something like that when the upgrade occurred.

I will be grateful if anyone has any solution or can even tell me where to take it. I am not very well versed in computer stuff, but I am good at figuring things out with some direction.

It appears thousands of people have this same issue and there is, or was no solution. Maybe someone finally got Microsoft attention and they figure out the problem, if so, I am hoping someone will tell me here. If not, maybe there needs to be a class action lawsuit against Microsoft to get their attention.

Thank you.