When using applications, I have always relied on Windows remembering their exact position from session to session, and on Windows 7 that was no problem. On Win 10, however, there is a problem with some of the app windows that I want to leave flush to the left edge of the screen. For example, if I position an Acrobat Window in that way, then close and reopen it, it reopens swith a shift to the right by about 10-15 pixels, leaving a narrow but noticeable gap with the left edge.

This does not happen with ALL windows -- Microsoft Word and Google Chome seem to be exempt, but most other apps are affected (in particular, Acrobat, which is an annoyance, as I use it a lot). This is a problem for me, because I do translations and so usually need to have two windows side by side, occupying all the available space on the screen. Now, I find myself always having to adjust the position of PDF documents before I can get to work.

Any idea on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.