Win10 SetUnhandledExceptionFilter not allowing enough time

  1.    06 May 2016 #1

    Win10 SetUnhandledExceptionFilter not allowing enough time

    My code runs perfectly in Win7; I create a line of data showing EIP
    (which pinpoints the failure to an instruction) and registers. I also
    produce a short MiniDump. Windows itself also creates one in
    \CrashDumps as well as WER data.

    However, in Win10, there is NOTHING! No WER data, no .dmp (there
    isn't even a \CrashDumps folder?). Even worse, where I had apx
    2 seconds in Win7 to do my stuff, in Win10, I'm only given btx .008
    and .044 seconds!!! Most of the time, I don't even get my line of
    data B 4 I am rudely killed by something (in PROCMON, my Thread Exit
    does NOT point to my ExitThread or a RET, so I was killed!), even
    after "optimizing" my code (pre-load LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress,
    etc). The only way I can get farther is to run PROCMON, which seems
    to help delay the killing. Occasionally, I've gotton as far as the
    MiniDump B 4 it gets killed:

    23 dbgcore.dll MiniDumpWriteDump + 0x1cd

    In my case, the O/P file of this is empty, so it didn't even get a
    chance to write a single record (or did, but got lost due to the
    killing causing lack of data integrity. PROCMON shows no writes)!

    I do see WER stuff in \ProgramData, so it obviously is running for
    other things, but not mine. The WER service is Manual/triggered.
    An admin 'DIR /s /a /x *.dmp*' from root shows many, but not for
    mine at the time of my deliberate crash (xC0000005).

    Is there some new timeout setting somewhere? How can I get this
    very important feature back for my programs? Or is this just another
    reason of many to stay away from Win10? Thankx...
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  2.    25 May 2016 #2

    So: no one knows how to get crash dumps and WER data from application
    programs in Win10, a la Win7?

    Well, I wrote my own, and now get my stack output and PSW(EIP)&REGS
    at the point of my deliberate crash, whether in shutdown or not, tho I get
    killed while trying to do a MiniDump (but see next), which, now, I do last.
    ONCE AGAIN, have to race a lousy force-killer that leaves no trail!

    At least I figured out how to get back my .dmps like I get in Win7, by
    adding the 3 WER LocalDumps registry entries and the \CrashDumps DIR.
    This MAY have also nullified that lousy force-killer timeout, as my MiniDump
    now completes as well.

    As for WER, all I do get now is a Report.wer file; no .h/mdmp, no .xml.
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