Windows 10: Use Win10 as main OS ??

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  1.    30 Mar 2015 #141

    [QUOTE=musiclover7;217029]Anyone try gaming yet in windows 10?[/QUOTE

    Musiclover7 whats your genre? Mine is Rock n roll blues. The kind from chitown then England and back to the states in the 60's
    Welcome to 10Forums. I am not a gamer other than solitare but there is a Gaming category. Enjoy yourself.
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  2.    30 Mar 2015 #142

    Testing and Licensing?

    Let me throw my dog into this race, if I may?
    If I have a single computer and want to test another O/S I download the necessary ISO, pull the HDD from the computer, install a Clean spare HDD, do a clean install of the new O\S and do my testing.
    Test fails?? Pull the HDD and re-install your previous, licensed operational and activated O\S by simply returning the original drive.
    Tests all check out but I must install from an "Upgrade" of an existing O\S............ I'm there. Everything I need is on the installed HDD.
    A spare drive can be found at most any online computer hardware store............ I posted earlier that Newegg had some this morning for $20?
    If you can't afford a $20 drive I really don't think you should be testing anything!!! Guard what you have running and don't mess with the settings!
    different scene.........
    I have several machines, both 32bit and 64bit, so I can do a clean install to a clean drive anytime I desire. If it dies I still have my primary machine to scream for help, order a part, or express my opinion!
    Running a test O\S I don't think you should edit the registry, write your own scripts, get into Group Editor or mess with Credentials. Grandma can't do that and if you repair or modify something Microsoft may not get the message and so Grandma gets an O\S that has bugs she can't even explain.
    Report problems as you agreed to do when you signed on.
    Don't download and install leaked builds and then complain. and... don't complain when an official release won't install over the leaked download.
    A Clean install on a Clean drive is the only way to run an honest test IMHO!
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    and the dog died
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  3.    30 Mar 2015 #143

    I use Windows 10 as my daily OS. I still use Windows 8.1.1 (dual boot) for certain programs. When 10 goes final If I still feel the same way about 10 I'm going to upgrade my Windows 8.1.1 and format the drive with Windows 10.
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  4.    30 Mar 2015 #144

    musiclover7 said: View Post
    Anyone try gaming yet in windows 10?[/QUOTE

    Musiclover7 whats your genre? Mine is Rock n roll blues. The kind from chitown then England and back to the states in the 60's
    Welcome to 10Forums. I am not a gamer other than solitare but there is a Gaming category. Enjoy yourself.
    Charlie.. I play a lot of styles. Everything from funk, to r and b, to blues, to reggae, to folk/bluegrass. Little gypsy jazz as well. Guitar is my main instrument. Also ukulele, bass, and can comp a bit on the piano.
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  5.    30 Mar 2015 #145

    Guitar man that be cool. Keep working it
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  6. Wynona's Avatar
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       30 Mar 2015 #146

    NickTh said: View Post
    But can someone do a real testing in VMs ? I mean, I think real testing needs real hardware too and VMs are only for...optical testing perhaps ?
    Am I right ? (I'm not sure).
    From what I've been told, you're pretty much right. I researched dual boot vs VM and the feedback I got was majorly to go for dual boot. So, I'm dual booting this desktop and two laptops.
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    W7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit), LM 18.3 MATE (64 bit), W10 Home 1703 (64 bit), W10 Pro 1703 (64 bit) VM
       30 Mar 2015 #147

    Several Advantages

    badrobot said: View Post
    At this early stage, you should already know how to get past those hurdles. If you only use VM now and then get the DVD installer when it's released, you will be surprised and left behind if you don't already know how to go about those hardware issues.
    If that turns out to be the case then you just simply continue to run W10 Final in a VM.

    Even better, if your install gets "hosed" somehow (e.g. malware) you just make another copy from your backup and away you go.

    It also provides you with an ability similar to (if not better than) "Windows To Go".

    Edwin said: View Post
    W10TP is enough of a resource hog in itself, don't really care to have a VM using up more!
    Apart from boot time, it doesn't seem slow on my Linux Mint 17.1 Host OS.

    My VM is only using ~12GB of disk space.
    If I installed all of the programs that I have on my W7 physical install it would still be <30GB.
    I haven't seen it come close to using the 4GB of RAM I allocated to it (it normally uses around 1GB).

    I occasionally have a graphical glitch (playing video) probably due to not having the latest OpenGL drivers installed in the Host (every time I start VMware it complains).
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  8. Wynona's Avatar
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       30 Mar 2015 #148

    johnwillyums said: View Post
    Back in October, or whenever it was the Dev preview became available on the Windows Insider Program, I installed it as my only operating system.
    Everything was fine for a couple of months, then it refused to boot. After me trying some diagnostics, I had a dead mobo, and a dead GPU, on my hands.
    Now up and running again, and have been running W7 HP for the last few months.
    However, I heard about the new build 10014, so I installed it via Windows Update. Everything running smoothly so far.
    So. I'm back running W10 as my sole OS, despite the disaster last time.
    Am I stupid?
    Nah, you're just a glutton for punishment. :)

    I would be very surprised if an operating system could take out a mobo and a GPU. I had an HP laptop that croaked on me, but when I took it to a repair shop, I was told the GPUs on that particular lappy are bad about that.
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  9.    31 Mar 2015 #149

    Wynona said: View Post
    Are you actually running Build 10014 or is it 10041, which was release early this week? If you're running 10014, you probably have a leaked build; I cannot find any official release of that one.
    oops, SORRY, I meant Windows10_TechnicalPreview_x64_EN-GB_10041
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  10.    31 Mar 2015 #150

    Doing some testing (nothing ground breaking, I know)

    But Spartan is a CPU hog. All other browsers idle around 4% but Spartan is consistently around 17% CPU usage for whatever reason.
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