Would simply moving my windows partition to an earlier location on the disk, and running bcdedit to create a new boot entry, be expected to cause any problems?

Here's what happened:

I had a windows partition that was near the end of the disk (~3tb to ~4tb on a 4tb disk) and I wanted to expand it, so I copied it (sector-by-sector) to free space near the beginning of the (4tb gpt) disk using AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Then I used bcdedit to add a boot entry for the newly copied partition.

  • It seemed to start up fine, but upon logging in, the screen started flashing.
  • Explorer.exe was crashing several times per second.
  • It was hard to do much but I managed to taskkill explorer.exe to stop the flashing and look at the system logs.
  • The explorer.exe error is in twinui.dll.
  • There are also errors popping up about attempted memory access to very low addresses like 0x00000000008.
  • I rebooted to a recovery console command prompt and "ran sfc /scannow". sfc got to 100% verifying and then said "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the required operation."

I can boot from the original partition without any trouble.

Please don't bother telling me I need to reinstall windows.

(I also posted on superuser)