I have a problem/request/how to that is difficult to describe so perhaps explaining what I want to happen will be easier.

I am a Retail Photo Lab owner and I have a system for allowing customers to remotely create a folder in a specific location within my Dropbox tree without being required to sign into my Dropbox account*. The app creates a folder in the customer's own name, for example, if Fred Smith wants to send photos to me from his iPhone, they will end up in the following folder


What I want is for any folder created in C:\Dropbox/photos/incoming to have a default view that is different from the default view in the /incoming folder itself. I want the /incoming folder view to be "Details" but all of its sub-folders to be "Large icons"

Is there a way to do this in WIndows 10?

* Anyone wondering about security, don't worry. The access is limited to sending only. The pictures can only go to a specific Dropbox tree location , they cannot see what is in there... its write only