Hi guys, this is my debut here and I'm glad I found this forum because I recently replaced my old Win-7 machine with an Asus Win-10 and it is so different than the win-7 I'm use to that I have a lot to learn!

I live in an area where power outages are fairly frequent. I had my old Win-7 computer set up with my APC UPS to hibernate- saving my open files- if the power stays off more than 5 minutes. This work very well but I don't see a hibernation option in the Win-10 power settings. Is there not a hibernate function in Win-10?

Also on the subject of saving files- if I have unsaved files open overnight and Micro$oft does one of their middle of night auto-updates- does M$ save the files before rebooting or do I lose those files?

Thanks much for your help.