Windows 10: WHAT happened?

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    WHAT happened?

    At church this morning, the guy explained that he had personally designed his three year old Windows 7 tower as a gaming computer. A computer shop had them ordered the parts and assembled it, and it worked fine. About a week ago, he upgraded to Windows 10, and now he can't get back in. Meanwhile, his wife was complaining that he was ignoring her and their new baby (The kid is adorable, by the way) because he's always playing games. Since his rig is attached to their big-screen TV, she can't watch her shows. I told him that God had smote his computer so that he would spend more time with his wife and son.

    In case I'm wrong: sometimes he gets nothing, while other times he can almost make it to the desktop. He managed to run a diagnostic that told him that his BIOS was corrupted. I warned him that his hard drive might be failing and advised him to hold down the Shift key while starting to try to get into the diagnostic screens. I also suggested that he restart and repeatedly press the F8 key (Yes it DOES so work on some computers with 10) and try to get in with Safe Mode.

    I advised him to type Windows 10 Forums into a search engine (He has a working laptop) and post a detailed account of his problem. I also advised him to spend more time with his family.
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    I would suggest taking the PC back to the shop and he really should spend time with his family. Not necessarily in that order.,
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  3. COMPUTIAC Guest
       24 Apr 2016 #3

    Since this was built three year's ago, it does not make sense to bring it back to the shop.
    The owner upgraded to 10 by himself a week ago and maybe did not do it properly.
    The OP is correct is suggesting the owner join the forums and post his problem.
    I'm positive it will be taken care of here.
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    A rollback to Windows 7 may or may not be error-free. I hope thread starter asked computer owner if there exists a restorable backup of the Windows 78 OS partition. Meanwhile, he might be better served if he disconnects computer from the main TV/entertainment center, let the TV/whatever [without the computer] run correctly and problem-free until computer can cooperate with and live with the other devices wanting to control the TV.

    **added missing words**
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    If the BIOS is the issue purging it might clear the issue. The BIOS jumper on the motherboard can be used to get this done. On mine it requires pushing two pins together and it purges it. What you'll need to do is check out the motherboards MFG web site.. check out the manual and find the jumper. Follow the instructions and restart the PC.

    Edit: and if it is the HDD you should hear some new noise. Usually their very quiet.
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  6.    24 Apr 2016 #6

    Note to BunnyJ:

    He explained that after upgrading to 10, he was able to get onto his rig at first, but things steadily got worse. Then he could get on sometimes. That is why I suggested that his hard drive might be failing.

    The truth is, with a gaming machine designed by someone who picked parts out of catalogues, you never know what is wrong. I feel that more than one thing is wrong, and I explained to him that there are several possible causes, and therefore several possible solutions, most of which aren't the right ones.
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       25 Apr 2016 #7

    The reason that the machine probably does not work. Is truthfully that the significant other disabled it to get him to start paying attention to the family, not the toy.

    If you are a true friend. You will help get them into counseling and also get him to give up those hobbies that he chooses to ignore helping out with the baby.

    Their marriage is on the rocks and you will end up being on the wrong end, when the wife finally goes off on him.
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  8.    25 Apr 2016 #8

    Bro, you post some of the best messages on this site. No, I don't think that his wife sabotaged his rig. Their marriage isn't on the rocks, and he does not mistreat his wife--he just needs to spend more time with her.
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  9.    25 Apr 2016 #9

    I upgraded to Windows 10 last week and rolled back three days later. I can confirm that Windows 10 on my machine did also cause BIOS problems, sometimes the PC failed to boot, the boot sequence itself actually changed subtly (I have no idea why) and any attempt to overclock my processor brought everything crashing down and caused the BIOS to reset itself completely. I can well believe Windows 10 has corrupted/effected his BIOS somehow.

    As suggested he should reset the BIOS on the motherboard using the jumper and maybe remove the battery for a bit.

    As regards your comment about Hard Drive fail I have a little theory. When I upgraded to Windows 10 for the first 24 to 36 hours everything seemed fine. Then on day two things started to go wrong as I started having random boot fails, although would always get back into Windows eventually. Then on day three all hell broke loose, I turned on my PC to discover that all my Network protocols had completely vanished, all the TCP/IP info, all the DNS, everything!! I managed to "fix" that problem by googling and trying fixes, but then after that programs which had been working fine for the last two days suddenly crashing every time I started trying to use them. I was unable to fix that problem which was when I rolled back.

    The thing is that in another forum thread about disabling superfetch for SSD drives someone said the following: They claimed that Windows 10 should be able to automatically detect when you are using SSDs and disable superfetch accordingly, BUT that often it would take few days (a good few shutdowns and restarts) before Windows would "realize" and disable superfetch. This seems weird when you think about it, why would it take 3 days and 10 shutdowns/restarts before Windows 10 figures out you have SSDs?

    I have also spoken to a couple of friends who upgraded to 10 and they told me that to begin with things also seemed okay and it was only 2-3 days after that they started having problems. Which leads me to my "conspiracy" theory.

    I think that the Windows 10 upgrade may be more "dragged out" than the Upgrade service would apparently have us believe. To the user it looks like you upgrade to Windows 10 for an hour or so, and after the upgrade is complete you have a fully configured version Windows 10. However I think that maybe that isn't quite so true and that certain changes and alterations are made progressively behind the scenes over the course of a few days. Why otherwise would my networks and programs work perfectly for three days and then suddenly the act of turning off and on my PC (with no changes made to any configs by myself) cause everything to break? This must be because things are still changing behind the scenes.

    The conspiracy cynic in me thinks that the reason for this is deliberately hold off on making potentially problematic changes for a bit to dupe people into thinking that the Windows 10 upgrade has worked perfectly and that their system is stable, so that they are encouraged to remove the rollback files thus committing to Windows 10. If you upgrade and the next day everything works fine you would have no reason to assume that 2-3 days later you would lose all your network settings for "no reason" and that suddenly your programs would all start crashing.

    Having been through the process of upgrading first hand myself it is painfully obvious to me that Microsoft's only priority with Windows 10 is getting as many people to upgrade as possible, and they have no problem in being economical with the truth concerning the possible issues that people may if they choose to do so.

    So I don't think the fact that the problem is getting worse and worse is in any way a sign of hard drive failure, I think it is symptomatic of the way the Windows 10 upgrade is being implemented. It would be a pretty huge coincidence that his hard drive suddenly decided to start failing 2-3 days after the Windows 10 upgrade... It's Windows 10 causing the problems, I would bet my life on it.

    Tell your friend to jumper the bios to clear it, and if he is able to get his machine to boot, to roll back to his previous version of Windows ASAP. Bear in mind however that rolling back to Windows 7 will break a whole number of scheduled tasks, an issue that is serious and that Microsoft have thus far completely ignored. Luckily however someone has released a great 3rd party tool to fix the problem.

    And as another cautionary tale, look what this poor person suffered with when he upgraded to windows 10.
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    I don't get "Since his rig is attached to their big-screen TV, she can't watch her shows.". I don't see why there'd be an intrinsic problem. Is it because hubby is continually playing with the setup trying to get the PC running?

    Has he clean installed 10 yet? I suppose that newish hardware might have driver issues, but I'm skeptical. However, I recommend turning off driver updates in Windows Update. (Microsoft still permits that, although they've made the setting highly unintuitive in 10586.)
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