ok so this morning after using ccleaner last nite, my computer won't boot.

i'm stuck at boot with the spinning wheel, i've shut it down and rebooted 3 times, now i can atleast see some kind of wizard telling it can help me to boot.

so i go through the steps to do a system point restore , but to my surprise there isn't one to use ?

i've set my restore point usage to 5% (10gb) after installing win10 in March, that should be enough. but the boot wizard doesn't find anything, what is going on ?

on top of that, the problem arose after using ccleaner and i had a c:\windows.old folder maybe it messed with things in there.

my 2 questions: if i boot with the wizard to command line , what do i do ?

2nd question: wtf is gonna happen in a couple weeks when windows in its "wisdom" decides to delete c:\windows.old itself ? will my system lock up too ?

btw c:\windows.old is a previous windows 10 install from February that f**ed up too. Seriously guys , i'm not impressed with windows 10.

it looks cool like a sports car but stable like sh*t. /rant over.

i've ran sfc /scannow on my F:\ (REAL c:\) but there was an error stating that it had scanned 100% of the drive but couldn't complete the operation due to some resource protection ? (paraphrasing as the system is in french)

as Sheldon says, what fresh hell is this ?