I had it on 10 it worked for a while, then it stopped and seemed to only work on 1 reliably, then I could put it back to 10 for a bit, now I've got it back on 1

All I have installed is video games and boinc and that hasn't been updated this whole time and while my games have been updated a lot I doubt a non-running game's gonna be the cause, so please tell me it's a common issue in windows 10 and is being worked on I'd rather be patient and wait it out than try to fix it haha

Note that I know this has been an issue on all versions of windows and probably every OS but I've been really lucky with computers I didn't even have problems with vista so that's why I'm hoping this is a real windows 10 issue I had 8 on this hardware with no problems so I don't think it's hardware yadda yadda