[Desktop Dell Inspiron 560 4gb RAM; high speed cable; MS Windows10 64bit; Windows Live Mail 2012(awful!!!); MS Word Pro 2003; Mozilla Firefox; Avast AV; Windows Media Player; Adobe Reader; Adobe flash Player]

Hello, someone emailed me 3 photo attachments as Photo Gallery (Slide Show). I wrote a letter on the same email with the 3 photos to send someone else. But they emailed me 2 more in another email. I tried to put these 2 together with the other 3 but I got some weird results as follows:

I saved the 2 photos in My Documents, then I clicked on Attachment, selected the 2 photos and I saw them appear next to the 3 other ones yay! Not so fast, when I opened them to make sure they were ok.....as I slide them I see other pictures got attached too which were not mine. I tried this many times and always the same result. I tried to delete those strange attachments but couldn't.

I hope I didn't confuse anyone. It is a little complicated, at least to me, and I do hope someone will be able to help me combine these 5 photos as slide show?

So sorry for the lengthy message and thanks ever so much for any help!