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I was tempted to ignore this post but:-
I dont think the 2000 members of this forum represent the masses(some 2 billion), who are probably not even aware that 10 is even in the offing. They are avid windows users who are doing their best in testing W10 to make it a better product . I do not particularly care when we get the next release but I do rely on factual information from MS, they promised faster updates and hence that set my expectation. I do wish to get a release including Spartan to see whether any of the sites for which I am historically responsible need attention.
Incidently I have used MS products since I built my first in 1982 and picked MS-dos over dr-dos and used every offering including 95, 98, 3, 3.1, ME, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.
I really don't think that forcing MS to drop builds is a great idea. For me the goal is getting the OS ready for the final build and not focusing on previews. While they're nice to play with it's more important for me to get a final product.

One more drop before the final release with Spartan would be fine with me.