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Has anybody got a link to either a Windows or Linux Directory / Folder compare program ?

I just want a SIMPLE program that simply lists Files in A that don't exist in B and Files in B that don't exist in A. No Syncing etc etc required.

I don't want contents of files compared or any of the other stuff these sorts of programs seem to have -- just a Bog standard NAME comparison -- don't care about dates / file sizes etc etc --just a simple list of Files in A that aren't in B and files in B that aren't in A. Just a NAME compare -- nothing else.

Should be simple but all the one's I've looked for want to compare File contents too --if say you are running through a whole list of music mp3's or DVD iso's this will take a long time !!!! as a file contents compare would then have to read sector by sector !!!!.

A CLI would do if there isn't a GUI around.

Edit -- Found the answer --really neat one is kdiff3 in Linux (you need the KDE desktop though) - extremely quick amd flexible -- was already installed on my sytem/

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I think there used to be a built in windows program windiff but I think that's gone now,