the systen was clean installed in Jan. No troubles really noticed since with cortana off, stupid me thinging shed be cool to try, turned her on never really using her anything more than typing in search bar as i would have with out her that was some time around 3/20 , On 3/24 i got what shows up as a critical or crucial update, around that time i started having load time issues with pages containing alot of multi media on them and videos stopped buffering they way they normally would have run defender, malwarebytes, ccleaner, and cleaned all cookies and catch and browser history to no avail, also have gone back to the backup in recovery settings from 3/11 and still there, also reset all modems. doesnt seem to be the actual connection signals tho, none of the other devices have any issue there, not even the other 10 running on the network. Aside from going full clean install again im at a loss, anybody have suggestions? Even the antique vista is loading all pages in less than a minute, and always keeps pace streaming.