Windows 10: Windows 10 - data corruption issues

  1.    29 Mar 2016 #1

    Windows 10 - data corruption issues

    Since W10 (and I do like it) I have had lots of file corruptions (system and “unable to open ...user/desktop/ as location is corrupt or unreadable), and on at
    least three occassions (in 3 months) the start menu has stopped working (won't pop up) and some taskbar icons have dissappeared (usually at the same time as start menu error), mail and edge won't open, backup option becomes unavaliable, and windows update won't install up dates. Not all of the above at the same time but each issue has happen multiple times quite a short period.

    With my Samsung Evo 250 GB ssd im getting data corruption, windows apps stops working and windows 10 can no longer start issues due to corruption of system files.

    I have run many tests on my ssd:

    Samsung Magician says drive is healthy.
    SeaTools 'long test' says 100% pass
    memtest on my RAM passes all tests
    chkdsk (when getting errors but windows still bootable) says no errors
    sfc (when getting errors but windows still bootable) says 100% ok
    Malwarebytes (when getting errors but windows still bootable) nothing found
    windows defender (when getting errors but windows still bootable) nothing found

    Any ideas as to what may be causing corruption of system files on my hard drive?

    Bad RAM? (but it passed memtest test )

    My rams: Kingston 2x8gb Kingston Hyperx 1600

    Cpu is 3770K and psu Corsair 850 RM.

    Windows 10 is installed due to MBR partition. Motherboard is Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 UEFI.
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  2.    30 Mar 2016 #2

    Hi, wish I could give you an exact answer but my crystal ball is currently down for scheduled maintenance.

    The start menu has stopped working (won't pop up) and some taskbar icons have disappeared (usually at the same time as start menu error)
    As you are probably aware this is quite commonly reported. Why does it happen? Hmm.. it's not happened to me. Can't recall anyone discovering why..

    However, Windows is vulnerable- programs can write over significant parts of the OS.

    You could check your reliability history (Just type reliabl in Cortana's search ar) and see if that suggests anything.
    I would suggest checking your startup programs and looking for anything a bit obscure that you don't really need and try disabling that for a while.

    Bear in mind that sfc /scannow won't correct a damaged user profile, for example. So if sthg in the registry has been corrupted, checking your system files is sthg different.

    Defensive strategy- use disk imaging and keep it updated so you can restore your PC to a previous working state.
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  3.    30 Mar 2016 #3

    double post sorry
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  4.    31 Mar 2016 #4

    Also i cant run Event Viewer and task manager . They are not responding. Is this related to hardware or software?

    But like i said memtest86 showing not errors, and SDD status is 100% heathly.
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  5.    31 Mar 2016 #5

    Can still you boot into normal mode?
    Try Windows key + X, click Event Viewer

    For Reliability History:
    Windows key + R. and type 'perfmon /rel' in the box (+<enter>)
    Windows key + X, click command prompt (admin)
    Type 'perfmon /rel' in the box (+<enter>)

    Post a screenshot of the reliability monitor - explore the fault reports, look for anything significant.
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  6.    31 Mar 2016 #6

    After that, if you can get into normal mode, try an in-place upgrade repair install.
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums

    This keeps all your settings bar a couple, all your data and installed programs.

    If that's unsuccessful you might try a test- create a new user. Are all problem eliminated? If so => user profile corruption.
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  7.    31 Mar 2016 #7

    Somebody said to me this:"in my case it was 100% hardware issue, specifically the ssd.

    many SSDs are know to slow down over time, usually in certain regions of thr drive, sometime the slow down can be so severe that data fail to be read completly.

    i have 2 crucial m4 ssds:
    1. requires refresh (or format) every 2~3 months.
    2. requires refresh (or format) every 12~18 months.

    i made detailed post in the past somewhere in this forum about the issue.
    And he said to maybe rma SSD:"If I were you, i would try to RMA the drive."

    So maybe it was SSD fault or something? Maybe something with SSD ? But it working fine with GPT partition now. I am after format this time with GPT and all is fine.
    So why it get corrupted with MBR then? So why it not worked well with MBR then ?

    What you think? But Samsung Magician Smart tells that are fine.
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  8.    01 Apr 2016 #8

    Can you get to Safe Mode and try running Reliability History from there?

    And whilst in Safe Mode check your start menu, apps etc are working. (Note some things aren't available in Safe Mode where related services aren't running)

    It sounds like you need to prove to yourself it's not your SSD dying- there I can only suggest setting up a working system on a different disk, and see if that fails.

    (You can't usefully clone what you've got now as it isn't working)
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