I am having an issues with the sound not working on my computer. It is a Windows 10 desktop with a Core i5. It is using Intel's integrated graphics card on an ASRock H170M-ITX/ac motherboard. Sometimes when I wake the computer up from sleep, the sound won't be working. The sound is going through an LG monitor through a HDMI cable. There will be no issues with the sound on the software side, the tests all look fine, but no sound comes out. If I restart the computer it will fix it until the next time. It doesn't happen every time the computer sleeps, but like one in 5 times and it is very random. I'll be listening to music, the computer will sleep and then I will press play and no sound comes out. The sound mixer says sound is being played, but I do not hear anything until I complete a restart and there are no other errors that I can find. I am using the latest drivers from Intel. Please help?!?!