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I saw that in your list, not knowing anything about it though, I just suggested the ones I know have questionable pasts.

At least you figured it out, nice work! :)
Not knowing? "When in doubt" Always "toss it out!" instead of the advice to try disabling a number of startup items first and then try a fresh restart into 10 to see if there was any progress in the event there was a software at fault? In years past when running AVG I never ran into any occasion where the start menu or access to any settings let alone programs was a problem even when AVG acted up having ran the freebie version. It wasn't a problematic type software to begin with and why the mesh of AVG with the other stuff leaves more room for software clashes in that area.

As for diagnostics purposes however to isolate and determine a cause at least with the original form of msconfig utility you would advise using the Selective startup and checking off the disable all box for the Startup group there and then re-enable one thing at at time after first seeing working results pointing out a software issue of some type.

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Unfortunately with the new look of the Task manager which now sees the Startup tab there and not any disable all option but one item at a time to disable or enable is the slow process for isolating a problem! But this is the new dual platform touchscreen accessible gui now being seen. But it still works as a troubleshooter!