I have been having a very frustrating problem in Windows 10 (Home, version 1511 OS build 10586.164).

Whenever I am in any folder, explorer will sometimes just jump to the Homegroup directory, and I have to navigate all the way back to whatever directory I was in. This happens almost every time I do a copy/paste. It happens right after I perform the paste function, whether I use the mouse and select from the drop-down menu or use Ctrl V. This doesn't happen every single time, but around 80% of the time. Other times it will navigate to Homegroup if I just leave a folder open for a while.

I've tried disabling the Homegroup Provider and Homegroup Listener services since I never use Homegroup, but even this doesn't work. Somehow it can still automatically navigate to homegroup.

I haven't found any help after searching forums extensively so I'm hoping someone on this one can help me out.