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@ donwb :
Take that document and file it somewhere in C: not to be moved.
Go to your desktop and right click, choose 'New'>'Shortcut',
In the dialog type explorer then a space, then go to that file, press and hold 'Shift' then right click on the file and choose 'Copy as path', then paste that into the shortcut creation dialog and press 'Next'; name it whatever you wish and click finish.
File explorer icon will be the default but you can change it by right clicking on the shortcut, choose 'Properties'>'Change icon'. (You may have to round up an appropriate icon from the internet and store it in a place not to be moved, (remember it has to be an .ico type (icon file).
Then you can drag that to the taskbar and delete the desktop shortcut if you wish.

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First of all, my sincerest apologies for necroing this thread, but I needed to give credit where credit is due. This is my very first post in Windows TenForums and I hope to become a viable member of the community with what limited knowledge I may have.

I wanted to thank Edwin for his suggestion to tag the shortcut as an explorer file, thus tricking Windows into believing it is part of the explorer executable family. Through this quick and easy fix, I was able to pin a BAT file to my taskbar that was driving me absolutely INSANE. I went so far as attempting to make it into an executable file, but Defender would always flag it as a virus. By using this method and entering the BAT file path after "explorer", I was able to change the icon as well as set it up to execute as administrator, which bybasses all UAC warnings and other popups. Now, when I click the icon on my taskbar, it performs the BAT flawlessly and goes directly to my program, exactly what I was hoping to do from day one.

Thanks again, Edwin.